Important hidden features in your android phone that you must know

Most useful hidden features of android mobile

Android is top selling OS in market. Now a day’s most of the devices are working on android system. Android is very easy to use and convenient mobile. There are lots of features which most of people don’t know. People only use basic functions that are visible is settings, but there are many hidden features in android that you must know and use it on daily basis. You can show these tricks to others as well.

Here are some hidden features in android:

Most useful Hidden features in android mobile

1> Quick Google launch from any screen: Anything new comes in, everyone first goggles it. Life seems to be impossible without Google. Just “hold menu key for few seconds or drag it in upward direction, it will launch Google.

2> Force reboot: Many a time our mobile hangs up due to certain technical issues and we are not able to restart it manually. To reboot your device “press Power button + volume up button + Home key simultaneously.”

3> Detailed information about phone statistics: You can use *#*#4636#*#* USSD code to get information about Phone, Battery, Application usage, Wi-Fi information etc. You will get detailed information of each and every item.

4>  Hard and factory reset phone: There are two type of resets Hard and factory.

– Factory reset: In factory reset all your internal data will be deleted and settings will be changed to factory default that means your mobile will look like new one that comes from factory without any apps. Use USSD code *#*#7780#*#* to factory reset your android.

– Hard reset: Hard reset will delete all internal as well as SD card data and reset its settings to factory default. Don’t try this for testing purpose as it will not ask for any permission. Use USSD code *2767*3855# for hard reset your android.

5> Taking screen shots: There are different tricks for different mobiles to take screen shots, Most common is “Press volume down button and power button” this will work in most of the mobile phones. If it not works try “Press Volume down button + Home key + Power button.

There are many more hidden features in android and we will be showing it in near time. Just stay connected with us. Try these features regularly and you will be used to it, then you don’t need to refer these codes.

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