How to Increase Download Speed on xbox one

Xbox one is especially famous gaming counsel but sometimes run in to issue, so Microsoft find that problem. For example, the device has that type design so, always it connects to the internet. So whenever new game come in market and it adds in the console that time system automatic download and install the game onward with the Xbox One on the hard device. Here we know Xbox one game is a slow download. How? Suppose this game worth is 1GB. So installation’s core file take some more time. That process does not finish until 1GB data not download and install. Here one question that How to increase download speed for android.

First check and find Xbox one game download speed is very slow? Your issue like your game installation takes more time?. If your answer is yes so, guys follow our instructions. Here we give some few steps that troubleshoot your download speed. And then check your internet speed, close some open applications and game. Restart slow and frozen download. Testing your home and mobile internet connection. Use router connection through the wire, check Wi-Fi connection. Use it and solve your issue how to make Xbox one game update faster.

Troubleshoot slow game or app downloads on Xbox One

Following method will help to guide issue of with network problem and when you download app or game Xbox one that time show how to make chrome download faster? And also check it Xbox one download speed Mbps.

Method 1: check download speed

First open game Xbox one live and after scroll right side on a home screen of mobile to tap installing. After going under Queue section of my game & app and when game or app download that time you note download speed. Here is one question that how many Mbps do I need for Xbox one?. If your download speed is 1.5 Mb/s that’s the best experience. But if you have less than 1Mb/s speed so it’s too less speed so take some time for download.

Method 2: Close Running App and Game

Here some step for closes running game.

First, open your screen and check and handle to most latterly run game and application.

After the select game and app and tap menu option & select quite.

Here also one another option to close running game.

Check first which application and game download are running.

Stop your slow download, whenever you are downloading not complete still you people don’t launch any other game and application. Use it and solve your issue that how to make Xbox one update faster.

Method 3: Restart your console

Tap first Xbox button and open game.

Then select system and start restart console.

Select and tap yes, it will automatically stop or pause any running downloading system. Can resume once than console automatic restart.

All game and apps first close and then restart your console. When it restarts than verify your download has resumed. Follow below step.

Open home screen and find my game & app.

Tap queue that time high light your open and downloading game and app.

You can show installing game and app.

Status shows as pauses or Queued after select application and game, tap menu key. Than select Resume installation.

If still your problem not solve than here one more solution.

Method 4: cancel the app or game installation and then reinstall

Open mobile home screen and select my game and app.              

Select queue and you show to highlight the app and game that you are trying to download.

Tap menu button and select cancel.

Now you can easily search any new game and app and from Microsoft store and then select Install.

Method 5: check your console’s network connection        

All above solution did not solve your problem than here check your internet connection and troubleshoot your issue.

Open home screen on your mobile and open my game and app. Tap queue and highlight the game and apps that all are downloading and also are queue download.

After tap menu button and select pause installation for game and app that are also downloading that game and app.

Close the open game and apps.

Open home screen and navigate most recently running app and game.

Select any one game and press menu key and quit.

Now test network speed

Tap Xbox button to open guide.

Tap system > setting

Select and tap network > network setting > detailed network statistics

Try to solve Xbox one network connection error solution. Use our post and solve your problem.

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