How to Increase Low Call Volume on ONEPLUS Android mobile

Fix low call volume on oneplus

OWw!! That’s good finally you got ONEPLUS android mobiles. ONEPLUS 5T android mobile is a recently launched famous and brilliant company OnePlus. This company OnePlus 5T, 5, 3T, 3, X, 2, OnePlus one. But here all OnePlus mobile versions have same issues that volume problem. We know you people upset about low call volume problem for Oneplus android mobile 5T. Without the headset, you are not talking with your friends and family. Lots of users complain OnePlus 5T in-call volume. Also problem about OnePlus 5 and 3T in-call volume. Comprehensive, sound and audio is perfect it gives work best. But the problem is only called volume.

Fixes to Consider for Increase Low Call Volume on ONEPLUS Android mobile

Fix low call volume on oneplus

Fix 1: Use Software for Auto Fix Volume

Step 1: Download this Software.

Step 2: Download Host file and make a change

Developer definite solution for Oneplus low speaker volume. Download


Fix 2: Use Side Button Increase Call Volume

During calling time, use volume upside button.

Fix 3: Fix Low call Volume using Safe Mode

Press power off button and wait few second. On your screen, you will show reboot and power off option. After press power off option and wait few seconds and you will get “Reboot to safe mode” and then click “OK”.

Dial *#808# on your OnePlus android mobile. Reboot devise and receiving test call.

Fix 4: Use Headphone or clear Speaker or earpiece

We present some useful tips for OnePlus one low volume issue that one is quick and give result superb – use headphone.

If you have a complication to OnePlus low mic volume on android mobile, use soft and smooth toothbrush and clean earpiece and speaker. But do is very careful.

Fix 5: Software Update

Step 1: Go to on your OnePlus mobile.

Step 2: Open your mobile menu and go to setting.

Step 3: Then after going to system updates and check the new software updates.

Step 4: Now you start downloading then update your mobile.

We give solution how to increase call volume on your oneplus mobile.

Use it and enjoy J boosted sound quality without any cost on your OnePlus android mobile.

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