issues Fixed The Camera Black Screen Problem On OnePlus 7 Pro & OnePlus 7

OnePlus 7 Pro Camera Black Screen and unable to start recording or capture photo

Camera screen goes black, and nothing can be seen on the screen when we try the camera shortcut from the lock screen or from Home screen. Sometimes Camera Legging and Blurry Picture Quality while focus object from a near distance. Not Enough Memory or Storage space is the big reason behind your OnePlus 7 pro camera Black screen or Doesn’t start Photo or Video Recording, Hanging. Videos are working but that is too dim. And all the apps related to the camera has also gone black. Oneplus has launched the all-new device at a reasonable price and great features.

Users are complaining a lot about the defects in the camera issues. Here in this tutorial, we will help you out to solve the problem of the camera black screen. Try the solutions given below:

Troubleshooting steps for OnePlus 7 Pro Camera Black Screen and Not Working for Video & Photo Recording

OnePlus 7 Pro Camera Black Screen and unable to start recording or capture photo

OnePlus 7 Pro Camera Black Screen and unable to start recording or capture photo

First and Second solution will help to release memory on your OnePlus 7 Pro

Solution 1: Force Close The App and Relaunch

Force close the app and relaunch the App for the proper functioning of the App. Follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Close the camera app and by clearing all the in the backgrounds.
Step 2: If the apps are not closing in this manner. Then go to Settings.
Step 3: Click on the Application Icon in Settings.
Step 4: Open the list of application.
Step 5: Click on the app you want to remove.
Step 6: Click on the force stop option, an app will stop working in the background.

By trying this solution, your problem might be solved and the camera will properly.

Solution 2: Hard Reboot OnePlus

A hard reboot will force the device to reboot, and after reboot, your device will work properly. Follow the steps given below:

Step 1:  Press and hold the Volume Down Key and Power Button together.
Step 2: Release them when the phone vibrates, and reboot process starts.
Step 3: If your device Turns off to let it be and Press the Power Button To reboot your device.

After the reboot is completed your device will work properly.

Solution 3: Software Update

Update the software and all the problems will be solved. Follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Go to the Settings and open it.
Step 2: Click on the System option.
Step 3: Click on the System Update.
Step 4: Click on the Check For Update.
Step 5: Tap Update the Software.

Wait for the process to complete, and after this, your problem will be solved.

Solution 4: Delete Unwanted App and Media file to Free Up Storage

You can check Available Free Space from the settings app. From the Home screen, Swipe up your Finger to Up and Find the Settings app. Next Tap on Storage > View Available Free Space at a glance. if storage space in MB, Try to keep this storage in GBs. To Quickly Free Up Storage on OnePlus 7 Pro, Remove Unused and Old media file videos or Photos, Music. Also, check the apps on the home screen, and delete that aren’t in use.

Solution 5: Hard Reset Your Device

Take a backup before you do the rest, as your data will be lost in the data. After factory reset your device will be completely turned into the new device it has released from the company. Follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Launch the Settings.
Step 2: Click on Backup & Reset.
Step 3: Click on Factory Data Reset.
Step 4: Click on Reset Phone Option.
Step 5:  Wait until the reset is completed, and then reboot the device.

Solution 6: Contact the Store

If any of this solution is not working you should visit the nearest oneplus store as early as possible. Also, you can talk in customer care support available worldwide. Check this in for USA. if you have a protection plan or in under warranty they get free hardware repair & Replacement service from oneplus in free.

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