Know keyboard shortcut key for boot menu & BIOS in laptop, desktop PC

Boot menu in windows 10, 7 or 8 widely used for upgrade or downgrade current windows version and most of the time for change primary boot device, Time, Date, Settings and also other system configurations. that we can’t manage from our Windows laptop or desktop settings for system panel or control panel.

Here I discuss most of the popular laptop and desktop brands like Acer, Asus, compaq, Dell, HP, Intel, Lenovo, NEC, Samsung Sony and Toshiba.

Enter boot menu or Change Bios settings on Windows

How to enter boot menu on windows start up screen?

After restart your system with press all the keyboard shortcuts keys at once on a laptop or desktop,

BIOS & Boot camp menu Keyboard shortcut key list

Keyboard Shortcuts for Bios or Boot menu 1


I won’t enter boot manager after use short key from keyboard

If you are using same shortcut key for multiple on another laptop brands then it will not work. Most of the people first try F2 key for enter in boot manager

Alternate key for Boot menu shortcut

We haven’t any experience for enter boot camp manager or BIOS manager by using alternate shortcut key if you have time share with us on comment box.

Once we set primary disk (Bootable USB or Disk drive) Start windows Boot automatically, we doesn’t change until we want.

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