Why my LG v35 thinq smart phone not detecting SD card? troubleshooting steps

This is normal cases and scenarios that we can happen with all these guys there are using the smartphone picture downloading videos movies apps and more for the phone and business use. And companies are offering external SD card after using internal memory for saving general data without loss. But the people are suffering after installing SD card on your LG v35 thinq you. They can’t save data to external SD card, couldn’t read the data from the card, sometimes SD card not showing or detect your phone or installed apps.
If internal SD card, not set up correctly on LG v35 you may different kind of or technical error for saving data directly to mini SD card. Here I found simple Walkthrough apps v follow when you find the issue similar problems like SD card won’t detect or not supporting. here is the guide How to fix an LG V35 ThinQ smartphone that cannot detect SD card …

Solution 1: Soft reset or restart your LG v35 ThinQ

  1. Auto-fix an internal error, your LG v35 performance by simply restart of soft reset your Android mobile below steps.
  2. Press and hold power lock button on the back of your LG v35
  3. Now select the power of option on your screen then tap on power off again to confirm.
  4. Wait for 30 seconds, now you ready to turn on your LG v35 I press power to unlock button until the lights on your main screen.
  5. Also, you can choose the restart option, press and hold power lock button after that shows the restart option to quickly get shut down and restart.

Solution 2: wipe cache partition of your LG v35 thinq you mobile

  1. Go to the app from your home screen next step on the settings, pen Tab on the general, now select storage, scroll down to the last and tap on the caught data.
  2. Select yes from the confirmation of popup on the screen to clear cache data from your Android LG v35 thinq you mobile.

Solution 3: remove every insert memory SD card in new Android LG v35 mobile

If you don’t know then you must remember to use our try memory card to test your SD card slot in working properly on your Android LG v35 thinq you mobile. I recommend using or select branded memory card SanDisk or any other you can find on Amazon selling company.
If you are trying and installing used a memory card which your LG v35 thinq you mobile. First of all, unmount the memory card this can remove all the internal issues and files saved on the memory that caused in detecting mobile.
How to eject memory card without remove SD card physically from your Android mobile
  1. Scroll down on the notification center and find the settings icon on your LG v35.
  2. Now tap on the general
  3. Next select manage storage option.
  4. Tap on reject icon option to remove reject memory card from your mobile without eject SD card physically from your mobile.

How to unmount on your LG v35

  • First of all turn off your mobile by the press and hold on power back button of your mobile.
  • After you switch off, eject pin pet used to SD card tray on the side body of your phone. Fully pick up in your hand examine external damage, scratches, and port in the correct way on a sim tray.
  • Also, mind that base of the SD Card and sim cards are I. the respective slot that weekend find bye the float with the side body.
  • Still no not the solution of work for fix external SD card not showing in reading write on your LG v35 thinq your mobile then follow the next guide to reboot your mobile in safe mode.

Solution 5: Reboot LG v35 in safe mode to detect external SD card

  1. enter the safe mode on your LG v35 mobile.
  2. press and hold until lights off your mobile showing menu option, first one is power off.
  3. Next, to this option, select open safe mode.
  4. Go with the prompt continue, until your mobile reboot in safe mode.
  5. You can clearly get the idea about safe mode with the prompt safe mode is on.

Solution 6: format SD card in your Android mobile

  1. Follow the steps for formate SD card in your Android Mobile.
  2. go to the apps on your home screen, tap on the settings, storage, and USB, now tap on a SD card,
  3. Now tap on menu icon three vertical dotted top right corners of the screen
  4. Now select settings from the top menu. Go with the format option, and finally tap on erase and format.
This process will take time depends on the how much data stored on your SD card. Otherwise, follow the Oscar instruction to complete to set up for erase memory card on your LG v35 thinq you mobile. Alternate option to erase memory card on your computer is a quick and fast way if you fail to format on your Android mobile. If you are using a laptop then you have an internal slot for the 6 or connect external SD card to your laptop directly without any USB data reader. If you have SD card data reader then you can set up into that and quickly format just like your pen drive.
Steroid affecting with this problem and not able to fix it yourself then you can contact the nearest support center of your LG v35 mobile or if your mobile is it under warranty then you can appoint your query online health center or get free replacement or repair of your LG v35 thinkq damage body.
Hope you guys you will get how to fix my LG v35 Android mobile not showing or can’t read and write to the external SD card from mobile. Tips and troubleshooting solution please share on the comment or you have an expert solution than write back to us on the comment box.

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