How to Limit mobile data on Google Pixel 2, Pixel 2 Xl, Sony Xperia X72, Vivo X21, Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S

The smartphone is very expanding at the brisk rate and you people do it. Just imagine without internet world? You say nothing! Right guys, without data plan your smartphone is the only box. In routine days we need a data plan or Wi-Fi. Everyone has no unlimited data plan still some people have limited data plan, so here one question creates that how to reduce data usage on android? So here how can you stop loss more data and large bill of the internet?

Every Android mobile gives us this option to data uses section that allows specifying of data limit on your smartphone. Where is this option it depends on your Android mobile. Here give you some useful tips how can we see personally app uses mobile and Wi-Fi data on you Android P device. Use the internet and network setting and solve your issue enable/disable unrestricted data uses on Android P 9.0. Also some time mobile data android not working. Their some problem solution our hand so follow it step by step and set a data limit on your Android Marshmallow, Android Oreo, Android Nougat an Android P device.


How to Set Internet Data limit on Android mobile

Step 1: tap setting icon

Step 2: in  setting tap to Network & Internet

Step 3: press data uses

Step 4: under mobile section tap Data warning & limit

Step 5: set data limit toggle button turn on and you can see, on your mobile screen left one massage that Limiting data Uses

Step 6: press OK

Step 7: press data limit

Step 8:  now you can set Data usage limit in GB/MB, as you want and last Set it

 Setting > network & internet > data uses > mobile > app data uses

Here also See Wi-Fi data use on Android mobile Running on Android P

Setting > network & internet > data uses > Wi-Fi data uses

This is quick and easy steps to set restrict data usage on Android. Use it step by step and save your data and enjoy the internet.


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