How to Increase and fix Low Call Volume on HTC U12/U12 Plus

HTC U12 is an amazing smartphone. Have you any problem? Yes! Every one mind has one question that How to fix Low call volume on HTC U12.  We know Everyone has a problem that is low call volume problem for HTC U12. So, guys relax, our hand your problem solution. When you connect the third party that time low call volume problem creates, we faced that issue. Like call dropping, low call volume, not connect your voice on the third party. This is not a big problem. I try my best to solve this issue.

Here we give complete information to a suggestion to fix Low call volume fix HTC U12 device. HTC U12 users have not only low call volume problem but also hard to hear listen to the third-party voice. Are you can’t listen to call voice during the call.

Steps for Troubleshooting Tips on HTC U12/ U12 Plus low Call volume, Boost or Increase Low call Volume

HTC U12 tips and Fixes for increase low call volume on HTC U12

Disturb you problem like poor call volume, low call volume, call dropping and people can’t listen to third-party volume.

Here follow my step and solve your problem.

Fix 1: press and hold side volume button and increase call volume and solve your problem.

Fix 2: clear earpiece and speaker, use a wooden toothpick and also use cotton swap and clean dirt & dust on HTC U12.

Fix 3: use headphone and earphone and easily listen to the third-party voice.

Fix 4: may be a software problem so update the latest version and also use safe mode.

Fix 5: and also you people use third party software – Download [Download and try on your risk – People are using generally, Share your feedback after using this software] this app is best and that app fine developer. So, guys download it fast and solve your problem.

Guys use my tips and solve your problem, share it and enjoy your day.

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