How to Make Google plus page for blog: Google Profile Identity

Make Google plus page for blog or website

Google keep your product and business Google friendly by registering yourself on Google plus after Make Google plus page for blog. So, for right page types and share your creativity on that page by post and new story updates. Google’s free service open for all the users also who learn how to appear self on Google search engine. New features in Google+ always open for connect your readers and visitors by Google page. Also with Google plus page you can make chat or video calling by hangouts or screen sharing.

Follow the step by step guide for successfully register your business website or blog to google plus.

Steps for Make Google plus page for blog or Website: Business or Brand

Google+ page have a different features and options for all business types (Personal, Service Area and Local store or Shopping mall/ Branches).

In that if you want create a personal blog page; you should go with Brand page option.

Service Area: If you are providing service on site job then choose Service Area page type.

Storefront: This option is easy for manage if you are identify your hotel, Restaurants and more on local place.

Step 1: Here, Create New page, Click on Brand page type.

Make Google plus page for blog or website

Step 2: Enter Page Name, Your Blog/ Website URL, Types of Product (Product or Brand).Enter valid profile details

Step 3: Finally, Click on Create Page.

Step 4: Now, you create your Website’s page on google.

Easy for your friends and identify you can make custom your page name URL.

From the Page > Click on Edit for change profile information

Review page of blog

Next to the Links section > Go with Get URL

Edit profile information

Here you have to choose URL prefix as a clear URL structure. See the below screen for example.

Set custom page URL for google page

And more on the Google plus page you can update it with short bio description of your blog/ Website, Logo or wall paper for business.

Same for other social platforms like Facebook, Twitter. Also you can create page. Keep touch on best4geeks for more upcoming updates on Make Google plus page for blog or Website.

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