How to Master Reset and Soft Reset Factory Reset on Samsung Galaxy Note 9

How to Master Reset and Soft Reset Factory Reset on Samsung Galaxy Note 9

You know very well galaxy note 9 is a superb Android mobile also this is the best model in the market. Here we talk about hard reset factory reset and soft reset.  if your mobile your mobile unresponsive, freeze, call issue, software problem, speaker problem, other apps error, screen not responding, charging troblooshoot, mobile data not working, volume problem.  their all problem solution is factory data reset also called Master Reset and soft reset here we use master reset soft reset hard reset and factory reset. Whenever you try to factory reset we always suggest our daily readers reset the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 through the setting menu. We use master reset the time we suggest always use hardware keys. Testament different between factory reset and master reset.
if you have Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Android mobile so, please continue reading our post. Here we present how to factory reset and master reset on Samsung Galaxy Note 9 when to use them.

Method 1: factory reset- use it and how to do it? / How do I perform a factory reset on my Samsung Galaxy Note 9

If you can use this method so first take a backup, it’s very important, take backup your file information data messages mail and also photos. Because when you factory reset on your mobile that time deletes all data. Here we give your detail how to take backup. Follow my step one by one.

Step 1: open your mobile home screen.

Step 2: open setting icon.

Step 3: under setting option cloud and accounts. And after select backup and restore.

Step 4: backup restore option has two option.

(1) Backup my data
(2) Automatic restore

Step 5: select “Backup My data/ Automatic restore” on setting menu.

Step 6: open setting menu.

Step 7: channel management > reset > factory data reset.

Step 8: now scroll to the bottom of the display. Tab reset, delete all.

Step 9: if you set Lock on your mobile screen so first enter password.

Step 10: if verify your Samsung account, enter password and tap don.

Step 11: wait for some seconds the device is reset.

After some time if you want to save your file another thing so retrieve it.
It is a very effective process to maintain small problem and some minor hardware related issue.

Method 2: master reset when is it and how to do it?

Master reset delete your all files and important data if you do not perfectly it may be locked Out Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Android device.
So first take backup of your important data. after breakup remove your Google account on your phone. Show you want to block.
Few people not sure about password and log in first set everything and ready.
so follow our all step one by one and reset your Android mobile Samsung Galaxy note 9.

Step 1: first take backup on your internal memory.

Step 2: turn off your Android device.

Step 3: press and hold volume up key and Bixby key. After press and hold the power key.

Step 4: wait for a few seconds after you will show android logo. Now you can release all the keys.

Step 5: press volume down key few second “wipe data/ factory reset”.

Step 6: press power button to select.

Step 7: press volume down button until you will show on your screen YES – delete all user data.

Step 8: press power button and start master reset.

Step 9: wait sometime after you will show on your screen master reset is completed.
After highlighted reboot system now.

Step 10: now press the power button and restart your Android mobile Samsung Galaxy note 9.

If you want both of successfully your mobile so wait little time after become active and also you will need a mobile app from scratch after doing the master reset.

I hope my tutorial help to you reset your galaxy note 9 devices. It’s my pleasure. If you are satisfied my tutorial so please share it and use it.

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