Where is the Microphone on DJI POCKET 2? Fix Troubleshootings!

Where is the Microphone on DJI POCKET 2? Fix Troubleshootings!

As everyone would be aware of what DJI pocket 2 does and its features. But many are new users of the DJI pocket 2 gadget. This device holds a small camera structure, and with it comes an option to record the videos and make your moments more mesmerizing. The device contains Do-It-All Handle, Cover, Mini Control Stick, Smartphone Adapter (USB-C), Sling Strap, Wrist Strap, Smartphone Adapter (Lightning), and power cable. 

Although, this device also has two cameras, one for the upcoming bloggers, which can be efficient for them to create videos and make their content more engaging.

So without any further talks, let me drive you to most of the recent queries we have solved for you. 

Does DJI pocket 2 have a microphone?

The above image illustrates the pictorial representation of the DJI POCKET 2, where the microphone has been located on the gadget.

Also, this microphone will look like a tiny hole separated differently as it contains a microphone all over the body, which makes it unique to capture each and every sound in the surrounding.

According to the model, you also have an advantage for using this gadget. You can use an external microphone by attaching the microphone to the DO IT ALL handle, which supports it.

How to Connect via the audio port on DJI POCKET 2?

  1. Firstly, join the audio port to the port available at the DJI.
  2. Try to make it compatible with the port so it won’t cause any problem.
  3. And you are ready to use the external microphone.

Does the DJI pocket 2 have Bluetooth and wifi ?

As this device holds many of the best features. This wifi and Bluetooth connection have an extra particular IN-BUILT facility provided with it. 

You can follow a few steps and connect it to DIJI pocket 2.

How to connect DIJI Pocket 2 via Wifi?

Follow these steps :

  1. Try to insert the OSMO pocket into the wireless module.
  2. Go to WLAN settings and go to the OSMO pocket.
  3. Try to input the default password 12341234.
  4. As soon as you get connected, launch your DJI memo app and the camera view will be shown.
  5. However, now you can capture photos and videos through Osmo pocket.

How to connect DIJI Pocket 2 via Bluetooth?

For connecting through Bluetooth, kindly follow these steps:

  1. Long press the power button for a few seconds and power on the OSMO pocket.
  2. Follow the above procedure from 1 and 2
  3. Check the LED status will turn solid red.
  4. Same as above go for bluetooth setting and launch DJI Mimo app.
  5. Click the camera icon on the upper left corner and tap bluetooth.
  6. Follow the on-screen notations.
  7. Select the required device to be connected under the device list and connect.
  8. Also join the WLAN network while an Osmo pocket prompt will be shown.
  9. Tap join and connect the device.

Does DIJI Pocket 2 have a zoom?

According to the DJI pocket official site, it offers 8X zoom and 4X zoom. So yes! It supports zoom on your DIJI pocket 2. On how to control the zoom feature and make additional settings let me guide you for this.

Follow the below steps:

  1. For the zoom control, move the stick button up and down.
  2. In case you want to adjust the speed of gimbal movement or any zoom.
  3. Kindly swipe down the touchscreen.
  4. Go to the shortcut menu.
  5. Tap the gear icon.
  6. Go to Accessories and go to control stick speed.
  7. And just adjust the zoom and gimbal manually.
  8. Tap Ok.

DJI POCKET 2 – Issues connecting via wifi with Android 11 devices?

As a serious note, we have encountered many of the users facing issues on android devices and the latest android 11. It has been a severe issue with the new users too. So without any further discussion, let me drive you to the solution for it.

Follow these steps:

  1. Kindly try to restart the Wifi and Bluetooth once.
  2. Go for the OP2 wifi under the wifi connection system, you can check the wifi name and password through the “Settings-Accessories-Do-It-All handle” 
  3. Try to restart OP2 and mobile phone simultaneously.
  4. And try to operate it again. 

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If the issue persists, try to export the log and upload it to the dropbox of the DJI website, they’ll try to help you out.

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