Most common Windows 10 problems and Solution steps: Updated

Yeah I tried to cover most of the Windows 10 problems in single post for easy to find and fix it for any user if any case I forgot any of the problems or errors and share with me in below comment box I will publish or will be added in this article next time.

If you are running Windows 8 Windows 7 and wants to try a new and latest version of Windows, Windows 10 has list of useful features and most popular. Now all the software is now supporting to Windows 10.  Let’s quickly see the full error list in below table of contents and click on the link to navigate your error solutions.

Windows 10 problems, Errors and Fix

Most Common Windows 10 Problems on Laptop or Desktop: Best Solutions

windows 10 installation stuck or Failed with Error

Let’s recovered for this Solutions one by one first of all checks Internet connection if you are upgrading your system from Windows 8 to Windows 10 and Windows 7 to Windows 10 past anniversary update for our recent any upgrades that you’re receiving in notification centre.

Second, also check your current language and region from control panel.  Buy the case if you are downloading and in try to installing other languages of file then you must check it before you start installation also that may be changed automatically inside your control centres, language and region settings.

Yes you can also bypass this error by upgrading this PC it’s official tools that we can try for Windows 10 installation on upgradation called Windows 10 media creation tool.

If you are using USB bootable pen drive for installation of Windows 10. You should check it is properly fix inside the USB port and also check installation is completed and your bootable pendrive automatically detect from primary USB set. Going re-install setup again and again.

windows 10 upgrade failed: Windows 10 problems

For this case try make to removing all the external hardware or devices connected with your Windows 10 system by removing it one by one. And also disable antivirus software for this time interval or manually all the time.

Also check your Internet connection is working properly.

Make sure about  winner stays in the installation disc primary disc- C Drive

Windows 10 problems: Can’t able to download app or game from Windows Store app

Log out from your App Store and hurry login with the same Microsoft ID over another id.  Go to the below link and test with your Outlook ID and password.  Also check any verification or confirmation, may be remain after your first time registration.

My experience on that, I logged with my Outlook it before a year but couple of days behind I tried to download free app but its stock and not working properly

Disk partition Error on Start-up – Error 0x8004240e

If you are setup fresh Windows 10 install after format the pre-installed OS: Ubuntu, DOS. So you need to create on separate partition for your primary drive that you should install in Windows 10.  Solution is this format all the existing drives from on your installation window.

Adware or Popup ads installed on Windows Browser: Google Chrome, Mozilla or IE

In my last article I seen the briefly how to get rid from pop up ads that maybe Mr from extensions for third party softwares. Remove popup ads from Browser

Windows 10 Mail app not working or Sync

Mail app have many types of errors like your app is not up to date, your Windows system is not up to date, or old mail can’t sync in system, Mail app throw error with specific code. Here is the official solutions.

Auto Reboot or restart after some interval, automatically

Disable auto system updates new files or software in windows 10. It will also help in optimise your system speed, browsing speed and continuously work until you shut down your desktop or laptop.

Still are you receiving the same problem? Restart your PC or laptop after close all the programs on the screen or running background from task manager.

Windows 10 issues with Activation problems

On time to activate Windows 10 with specific error code can you have particular solutions for specific code? Find all the codes and relevant solutions at here.

Once check Activation key: Start > Settings > Update & Security > Activation > Change Product Key (enter 25 character product key)

Error: 0xC004C003, 0xC004C060, 0xC004C4A2, 0xC004C4A2, 0x803FA067L, 0xC004C001, 0xC004C004, 0xC004F004, 0xC004C007, 0xC004F005, 0xC004C00F, 0xC004C010, 0xC004C00E, 0xC004C4A4, 0xC004C4A5, 0xC004B001, 0xC004F010, 0xC004F050, 0xC004F034, 0xC004E016, 0xC004F210, 0xC004F034, 0xC004F210, 0xC004FC03, 0xC004E028,0x8007267C, 0xD0000272, 0xC0000272, 0xc004C012, 0xC004C013, 0xC004C014,0xC004C008, 0xC004C770, 0x803FA071

Windows 10 problems: Can’t able to connect WiFi or Wireless network

Disable enable wireless adapter from the settings, Start button > Device Manager > Network adapters > Find “wireless” > Right click on it and Disable/ Enable.

Second, Double check or Know your WiFi password, if you are using Router.

Get more help

Not Formatting External Drive:

Are you getting Error 0x80071ac3, while connect External USB or Hard disk to Windows PC or Laptop.

Find Windows 10 compatible NVIDIA Graphic Cards

Graphics error in windows 10

Check For update windows 10, Start > Settings > Update and Security > Check for Updates

Help from here

Windows 10 problems: Boot Device Error

Enter boot device manager, Choose correct primary boot device from settings. Shortcut keyboard key for enter boot device manager for Laptop or Desktop,


Windows 10 sound problem

Install sound driver, Update sound driver, Disabled background or front speaker from settings.

Windows 10 software repair tools: CleanmyPC or Reimageplus

We have one click repair software for easy to fix all types of error and boost your windows 10 system speed and performance. CleanmyPC or Reimageplus keep always in system for troubleshooting software for any kind of windows 10 problems.

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