Move or Copy All Contacts to OnePlus 6t/OnePlus 6 using Bluetooth from Other Mobile

Move or Copy All Contacts to OnePlus 6t/OnePlus 6 using Bluetooth from Other Mobile

We can transfer or move contacts from another Android or Keypad mobile using alternate ways. but here I am learning the simplest way to Move or Copy All contacts to OnePlus 6t or OnePlus 6 running on Android 8 (Pie or Oreo) version. COntact is the most important data and hard to move all hundreds and thousands of contacts from another mobile or new OnePlus 6t mobile.

Without Gmail sync process or Third-Party Data transfer app or Laptop/PC let’s learn how to move all contacts from Other Old android or simple mobile to your New Android 6t or Android 6. read our article and solve How do I transfer contacts using Bluetooth?

Transferring All Contacts via Bluetooth

here is the tips how to transfer contacts via bluetooth on OnePlus 6t.

Steps for Transfer of Copy Contacts to OnePlus 6t or OnePlus 6 using Bluetooth

1. Turn on Bluetooth on both mobile, Mobile 1 – From where you transfer, Mobile 2 – Where you copy from Mobile 1.

2. Now, Select all contact from mobile 1 and Share on the Bluetooth connection (Select Mobile 2 name) that you will see in mobile 1 screen.

3. Once, you Share and Send contacts to new mobile 2, you need to accept file permission to there and Stary copying contacts one by one in .vCard or VCF files.

4. Also, you can see the number of transferred contacts in Mobile 2’s notification centre.

5. Once the transfer is complete successfully, all contacts file will save in your Mobile 2’s local storage. And this file you need to import in the system to show up in contact app.

Import Contact from Mobile 2’s local Storage (Import COntact in OnePlus 6t/6 from local storage)

Step 1: Open Contact app on your OnePlus 6 or OnePlus 6t.

Step 2: Now, See and Tap on More (Three Verticle Dots) menu option > Import/Export contacts.

Step 3: Under the Import Section, Select option “Import From Storage”. Select Online account (Gmail or Local Storage).

Your OnePlus 6t, and OnePlus 6 Scan all file (*.vcf or vCard). and Start to import.

Wait for a few seconds now, Re-Launch Contact app and Check all the contacts are imported or not.

That’s it.

Process for transfer all contacts are very easy, Like it and Share it with your friends to get more tips and tricks on OnePlus 6t in free. Feel free to comment us if you found something missing in this article “Transfer of Copy Contacts to OnePlus 6t or OnePlus 6 via Bluetooth connection” and share your idea.

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