New Windows 10 Creators Features: We must know

New features are in windows 10 creators are Cortana search improved that helps to use and access microphone, Speaker settings, Wi-Fi and Keyboard layout.

New Game mode gives amazing gaming experience in Windows 10 Creators and Reduce background process for manage all the task easily.

1 Windows 10 Creator Update Alert in Windows laptop or PC

The picture in Picture mode: Access other picture and video screen (Skype Video Call, Movies, and TV Shows) on all windows while you work.

Night light: Microsoft comes f.flux feature into windows 10 creators system. That handle all the Screen effects at night or day automatically.

Auto Lock the PC: Dynamic Lock

Auto enables lock on Windows 10 PC or Laptop when you away from System. Before this known as “Windows GoodBye”. Alternatively, Windows 10 identify by keeping the far away Bluetooth device from Microsoft windows 10 creators installed the device.

Paint 3D

Now, 3D Designing comfortable in new windows System for upcoming new Windows update.  Paint 3D objects print 3D prints.

Windows photos

Windows photo sharing features like emails other social networks. Windows inking the new app for use Photos app features.

Windows hello

Get quickly login your Windows 10 system after creators update by using facial scanning the new process set-up of instant login by detecting your face who are you?

New Windows Book Store download books for the read on your Microsoft edge clearly and instantly.  Ability to view the 360-degree video to the edge. And the 360-degree videos are available on movies and TV apps.

New updates and privacy new way to manage all upcoming updates on Windows 10 upgrading system and the privacy features are more enough to control it that have to protect different types of threats, viruses and protection of device and personally.

Creators update also comes with different tools for diagnosing problem on speech recognization location and relevance ads control from different settings.

In the next article, I will show you how to update, get the notification on Windows 10 creators update available publicly in our system laptop or PC.

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