Nexus 6p Huawei – Low call Volume issue

Oh great! Nexus 6p Huawei mobile is a superb smartphone. Our article helps you Huawei volume too low during the call. Here I feel that same problem very low call volume on my new Smartphone Nexus 6p Huawei. I really problem with hearing the voice another person during the call. Maybe you have the same problem. So guys, don’t take tension I have its solution.

Every people mind has one question that How to fix poor call quality on Nexus 6p.  our hand that solution and we present its method, so friends use it and solve your troubleshoot low call volume on Huawei. first try to adjust volume, try to restart & reboot and also do clear your microphone, use headphone.

How to fix the Nexus 6p Microphone issue

Fix 1: use volume button and increase the call volume

when third-party call coming that time first receives the call and after on phone side has one volume key that increases and fixes your issue.

Fix 2: using a headphone

If you trouble to listen to voice during the call so guys use headphone and listen voice clean and clear. You know which is the best headphone for you? Here we give you link to perches the best headphone.

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Fix 3: clean microphone and earpiece

use a smooth and thin toothbrush and clean microphone dirt very carefully because it’s too fragile and solve your issue Nexus 6p low call volume from an earpiece.

Fix 4: using safe mode for solve low call volume issue

First remove and re-insert the battery, Press and Hold Menu on the screen. Continuously turn on Device while you press Menu. “Safe Mode”, appears on a lower left corner. You can add the third-party app that causing the problem on lower call volume

Fix 5: update software

Update your Huawei mobile to the latest version of your android.

Open your mobile menu and go with a mobile setting and after tap system update and find new software coming on the Android world. so, fats update latest android version.

And restart and reboot your smartphone and solve your issue.

Fix 6: Contact Customer support desk

If your device is in under warranty and needs company help, then you can contact or ask to help on customer care office desk Find the nearest location to you for your low call volume on Huawei mobile and other hardware or software issues.

Follow all method step by step for Huawei Nexus 6P muffled voice, call quality poor. Use it and share it.

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