OnePlus 6 camera tips and tricks: Essential settings and Guide

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Yes! The camera is most important things for a new generation. So every OnePlus 6 mobile users want all detail about OnePlus camera features. And one good something here that is OnePlus 6 has the capable and fantastic camera, and their result is excellent. But you want to compare with another camera so you want to get better so learn our post. You can quickly teach new features and quirks through our post.

We present some exciting change in your OnePlus 6 camera; you enjoy with a dedicated low-light shooter. Most wide features and EIS, so you can happy and say I have a perfect camera on OnePlus camera 6. Sometimes hidden features that prove best and help us to take a classic click.

So without more ado, you go with us for a top and best OnePlus camera tips & tricks. So guys let’s see how does it work easily.

OnePlus 6 camera tips & tricks


OnePlus 6 camera tips and tricks:

Step 1: turn on the quick camera launch

go with setting> buttons> enable “press power button twice for a camera.”

Step 2: switch on location mode

Guys it fantastic mode because it does not only save your pic but it saves place where you click the picture. And also it’s making easy to take location and track picture.

Setting > general setting > enable store location data.

Step 3: use HDR mode for Selfie

Leave it to set the auto mode to get the best result. This is not only clicking the best photo and high-quality video, but it’s capture video and photo that perfect color saturation & combination of contrast.

Step 4: invert Selfie

Most of the smartphone camera click Selfie the way other should you see it. But here is differ one thing also that you capture your image horizontally. That solution is to invert Selfie taken.

Setting > general setting > scroll the screen > enable invert photo

Step 5: save regular phone along with portrait mode

Here similar features also exist in the OnePlus 6 it’s similar to note 9. Whenever you click picture allow to save two picture copies of the same picture. One is a regular picture, and another is portrait mode.

Setting > general setting > scroll the screen > portrait > enable save normal photo.

Step 6: save pro mode setting

Here OnePlus 6 give the nifty option that saving up to two pro setting various mode – C1 & C2. Then select C button option > adjust the setting and last tap on C1 and save it, same do with other option C2 setting as well.

Step 7: use the secondary lens for macros

This facility gives you the micro result, easily capture it micro thing. The OnePlus primary main lens is sharp and quite tricky when you are capturing micros photo. Quickly go to setting and focus it trade tricky. And also using telephoto do size zoom and then click micros since, and go close and point of subject capture at all glory.

Step8: stay away from blurry borders

You know soft and right fuzzy borders & portrait mode never go together. So guys whenever you take portrait mode that time notices one thing that the object has definite borders. When you capture pictures that time you and subject between too much distance, and the ideal distance minimum less than 2 meters. Use it and take the best picture you and your beloved one.

Use above tools and now let’s us use how to get good picture quality and camera latest features. Done miss to share this OnePlus 6 camera tips and tricks, User settings and more.

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