OnePlus 6 won’t charge and not charging, battery drain fast

OnePlus 6 won’t turn on after restart? Here we try an OnePlus 6 that won’t charge. This is best and most awesome and also excellent smartphone in market. So, guys don’t fix that has no any problem to use. Of course that has one problem. That’s: OnePlus 6 won’t turn on after turn off and battery drain problem.

Our post teaches you when your smartphone OnePlus won’t charge and turn off that time what to do? Also every Oneplus 6 users have problem that OnePlus 6 slow charging and sometime charge but battery grain.

Set for Won’t charge, Battery Drain

Set 1: may be battery issue, so you can replace battery and fix your problem.

Set 2: also USB port issue so try to change it and fix it.

Set 3: Turn on/off your smartphone.

Set 4: if your motherboard is concern so I think it’s easy to buy new.

Set 5: use correct charger. don’t use other smartphone charge. Use your only OnePlus 6 charger.

Set 6: if your battery grain too much so please close your extra apps & brightness decrease.

Set 7: give some time to charge phone. Than use it.

Set 8: use OnePlus 6 wireless charge may be your problem solve.

Set 9: update latest software.

Set 10: give only 30 minute to charge OnePlus 6 phone. avoid to charge full night (long time) this cases your battery damage and don’t give it work.

Set 11: try to buy new wall Socket for OnePlus 6.

Set 12: charge this smartphone via USB/PC.

Set 13: DIY USB port fix your OnePlus 6 device.

Set 14: Reboot and Restart your android OnePlus 6 mobile.

If you are not since now solve your problem so connect your mobile retailer and check your phone, he is give you advice what to do for this case. If you are out of warranty so you should try to replacement charger. And since not repair your OnePlus 6 charging problem so, connect customer care.

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