OnePlus 6 Won’t Turn On and Black Screen: Here’s Fix

Yes! I know your problem because I face the same challenge my OnePlus 6 Won’t Turn On, and the screen is frozen, black and not responding. And one day it open but my important connections and data I was lost from my device. I give you their solution because it’s my personal experience.

Here we give you some information about your problem that how to OnePlus 6 won’t turn on? So follow my problem and solve your issue.


Fix Black Screen issue: OnePlus 6 Won’t Start

Set 1:  charging problem

I will resolve your problem now; please connect your OnePlus 6 to the charger using their charger. It connected with few minutes and then tap and hold side button minimum 10 seconds to until your mobile device screen on.

Set 2: change charger, USB port & Wall socket.

Set 3: Charge phone correctly

If your mobile screen doesn’t see charging cable that means charging won’t’ charge, so that time you check first, your power adaptor connect or not with mobile.

And when your battery on showing on your black screen that means OnePlus 6 is on charging stage.

Set 4: try to force start

Press and hold side button few seconds until you will not see a OnePlus icon on display. Wait some time and get started your mobile & Fix the issue.

Set 5: clear the cache partition.

Power down your OnePlus 6 device + boot it in recovery mode + choose the language + click wipe data & cache option + click wipe cache option + tap yes option when you ask question + wait for few second + after reboot to restart the OnePlus 6 device.

Set 6: Change power button.

Set 7: may be liquid hardware damage to repair it.

Set 8:  Boot to safe mode

Boot and safe mode are best to process that use you while your phone won’t start or black screen issue. You guys put your OnePlus 6 smartphone in safe mode by using my following steps

Tap power + volume down key together, as soon as  OnePlus 6 screen shows up, not release your finger from one plus 6 power key and holding with volume down key. Now start your smartphone one plus 6 and seen in the bottom of left corner in safe mode text.

Since your problem does not solve so go with technicians. They will check and solve your issue easily. They can repair or replace. Most off on that issue found one solution that changes power button.

I hope guys now solve your problem so use it, share it & enjoy your day.



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