OnePlus 6T Fingerprint Setup Failed, Unable to Use FIngerPrint Lock on OnePlus 6/6T

Here’s the basic solution that helps to discover all the problems related to fingerprint scanning and setup on OnePlus mobile. So follow this troubleshooting for oneplus 6u users who are stuck in-between and unable to setup complete. There is no specific error that comes on the screen. So below are the ideal solutions and found helpful right now. It might happen because of software issues and a strong way to setup.

Let’s make correct it and follow the below steps carefully. Reset Mobile is the most helpful solution, First, try it and then look after it with other solutions.

Steps for Fix The issues on OnePlus 6T Fingerprint Setup Failed

Fingerprint Scanner not working on OnePlus

Reset Your OnePlus 6T mobile – [Recommnded]

  • We can reset your OnePlue 6T in two different methods. First is soft reset that’s are very simple, Still not helpful then you should go with the Hard Reset means Reset your mobile in recovery modeNote: Before starting this process, keep backup your data from mobile, Becuase your mobile will wipe all the data and settings.

This process is very short. It will not take time for more than 10 minutes.

How to Soft reset in OnePlus android device.

  • 1. Open the Setting Option > Tap System Option > Tap Reset Option > Factory Reset > Reset Phone.
    Important: select this “Internal Storage backup option” if you don’t take a backup of your mobile earlier. Otherwise, select it and go with the next step.
  • 3. Tap the “erase everything” option.
  • 4. wait for few minutes to done factory reset. then your device automatically restarts.

How to Reset Oneplus in Recovery Mode

follow the below step and reset your OnePlus Android device via recovery mode.

  • 1. First power off your device.
  • 2. Press & hold simultaneously power & volume up button until you see a oneplus logo on your mobile screen.
  • 3. Tap the “Wipe data/Factory reset” option.
  • 4. Confirm your selection and press again the “Wipe data/Factory reset” option.
  • 5. Wait for a few seconds your android device will reset. Tap  the Volume up button to scroll to the ‘Reboot system now.’

How to Fix Fingerprint Not Working on OnePlus Android Device

here some easy and short tricks to solve fingerprint issues. let’s see.

1. Use Ambient Display

Ambient Display is very important its make easy to access fingerprint sensor to unlock your device.

ON your Ambient Display

  1. Tap Setting Option On Your Device.
  2. Tap Ambient display settings.
  3. Tap & Turn On ‘Pick up your phone to show’ & ‘Tap your screen to show’ Option.
  4. Now, activate your Ambient display.

2. Re-add & Remove Your Fingerprint On OnePlus device

After done Ambient Display process but still not fix the fingerprint issue so, please remove your all previous fingerprint and add a new fingerprint. here we give you step how to Re-add & Remove Your Fingerprint On OnePlus device.

first, see how to remove the previous fingerprint

  • Tap the Settings Option.
  • Under Setting Tap “Security & lock-screen
  • Tap the Fingerprint Option, That Time It Will Ask You confirm your password or PIN or Pattern.
  • After Conform The Detail And now will see the dustbin icon to each finger. Click On This Icon And  Remove the Previous Fingerprint.
  • now you delete all previous fingerprints now, repeat this same process and save three settings of your same thumb or finger.

3. Improve OnePlus Fingerprint Recognition

  1. Tap Setting Gear Icon.
  2. Tap “Display & lock-screen
  3. Tap the “Fingerprint” Option.
  4. now you can see the option “Check added fingerprints” Tap on This Option.
  5. After scanning your finger, double-check that it matches the most saved print.
  6. Then taping on Recognizers Most You Will Get fingerprint 1,2 or 3.
  7. get the best fingerprint and after delete to the remaining two fingerprints.

4. Remove the Screen Guard and Add your Fingerprint In OnePlus Device.

still, not fix Fingerprint troubling so here the best option is to remove your OnePlus device screen Protector/Screen Gaurd whatever you say. maybe your screen protector scratched and dented. It gives a blurred and Corrupted image on your fingerprint sensor. to unlock your device using a clean and clear fingerprint. so, remove your old screen guard. and fix the fingerprint issue on your android device.

5. Choose an Average Lit-Room for Your Fingerprint Setting

The fingerprint scanner in your OnePlus releases your finger first, and then takes a picture and matches it with one saved for identification. Often fingerprint unlocking doesn’t work properly in the dark or at night because it lacks light and is unable to take a clear picture of your finger on the screen. So when setting up your fingerprint, it is a matter of worry when using the average lit-room to get its proper performance at night or in low light.

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