Oneplus 6t Won’t Turn On and Black Screen: Here is Fix

You have OnePlus 6t mobile that’s good. I have also OnePlus 6t. I love that features .but I face a little problem that my OnePlus 6t won’t turn on..are face the same challenge? I face won’t turn on issue, screen frozen issue, screen black and not responding. One day in the morning I open my oneplus 6t open bt i lost my important data from my device. Guys I give their solution because its my personal experience.

Oneplus 6t Won't Turn On and Black Screen

here we Give you tips what you should do you when your OnePlus 6t android 9.0 no longer respond or turns on OnePlus 6t Android Pie.

Black screen issue: OnPlus 6t oxygen Os won’t start

Force Start OnePlus 6t:

press and hold the power button until you will show OnePlus logo on mobile screen after leaving the buttons.wait for few second and get start mobile.

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Charging problem:

now, every mobile comes with their changer. as same as new brand OnePlus 6t comes with their own changer. So the most important thing that always uses the original this case, Oneplus 6t won’t turn on because not charge properly. So here we teach you how to properly charge.
whenever you put OnePlus 6t mobile in charging screen will flash out or small led light turning on that indicate charging is started. that means your OnePlus 6t is on changing stage. Wait 15 min afterthe press and hold the power button and start your mobile.

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 Change charger, USB port & Wall socket.

replace your old charger that might be damaged internally, And one thing always uses the original OnePlus charger. and also check USB port & wall socket, maybe it damaged.

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Wipe cache partition

Step 1: Turn Off your OnePlus 6t.

Step 2: Press and Hold Power & Volume down button simultaneously.

Step 3: when you see OnePlus logo on a mobile screen that time release power button but continue hold the volume down button.

Step 4: now next screen for a password, so you can set a password or pin number for your mobile security. enter the password and unlock your device. when process is done after tap ok.

Step 5: Tap English.

Step 6: Tap wipe data and cache

Step 7: Tap wipe cache

Step 8: Tap yes

Step 9: Tap reboot option to restart your device.

that’s it now clear cache partion on OnePlus 6t Android 9.0.

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Change Power Button

sometimes you run behind battery problem and other software issue but the real problem in your mobile power button so, check the power button maybe its damaged. so first change power button and solve your issue.

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Boot to safe mode on OnePlus 6t

what is safe mode? how to use it? safe mode is best android features that allow to urn on the device with third-party apps turn off. after you can easily uninstall app that may be creat a software issue or conflict.

Step 1: press and hold power button.

Step 2: press and hold Power off.

Step 3: press ok- reboot into Safe mode on OnePlus 6t.

Step 4: now uninstall the app that causing a issue.

Expert tips: Setting> Apps & notifications > See all apps> Select App that you want uninstall>Uninstall >Ok

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 liquid hardware damage

still your problem not solve means no any software issues, its hardware issue. so, go with technicians. They will check and solve your Wont turn on or black screen issue easily. They can repair or replace it. Most off on that type  issue found one solution that changes power button.

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