OnePlus 7 Pro Overheating While Charging & Cool Down Temperature: Here’s Fix

is your OnePlus 7 Pro Overheating While Charging. Let’s fix your problem here. You are not alone Most of the Smartphone users complaining about Overheating during Call, Video Game Playing time, Watch Movies, Open Camera and Start Video recording and Video calling. Smartphone companies are proffering fast charging that succor the users and save charging time. Although OnePlus mobile company is one of the prominent company and devices among others. So don’t worry you get it normal, follow this tutorial and fix.

OnePlus has launched its 7 series brand devices with great features an affordable price, there too many settings that prevent from Heat the Body while the phone is on a charge. Its new devices have a complain that the oneplus 7 pro gets heated while charging. This is because you are using some other charger or due to mobile covers and many other reasons.

Here in this tutorial, we will give you the solutions to solve the problem of heating. Check the solutions below:

Here’s Fix Oneplus 7 Pro Overheating While Charging My Mobile

OnePlus 7 Pro Overheating While Charging mobile
OnePlus 7 Pro Overheating While Charging mobile


Adaptive Brightness on OnePlus Works like Change OnePlus 7 Pro Display Brightness automatically. Saving the Power or Battery consumption is a recapitulation of the whole theory of fix Overheating problem of OnePlus 7 Pro.

Don’t be reckless, Some OnePlus 7 Pro users are using third-party Charging cable or Power adapter of Another mobile at Home, Office or Car. This will disappoint you in the future after a long period of time.

Redundant Protective cover overlays the full body of onePlus 7 Pro. So the Air circulation inside the body around the battery gets hit very fast. So Use Official company Cover or Some Verified Cases available online.

While you need Battery outside the town or No charging port around you, Shun to use your mobile for Watch Video, Movies, Play Game. Enable Low power mode. or Turn off WiFi, Mobile Data, Bluetooth this all are primary settings. And Strive to use your Other mobile or your Friend’s mobile for call or Surfing. This point is not smart battery saving tips and Prevention techniques to help in OnePlus 7 Pro Battery Draining problem.

Solution 1: Use the original charger to charge the device

Always charge your device with its original charger which is provided by the company itself. Your device will get heated when you charge the device with other devices. So charge the device with its charge only.

Solution 2: Remove the mobile cover while charging

Every device gets heated slightly while charging but the covers become an obstacle in releasing the heat and it slow downs the dissipation of heat. So remove your case while charging the device.

Solution 3: Update your Software

The software update will remove minor bugs which are causing the problems. Follow the steps given below to update your

Step 1: Launch the Settings.
Step 2: Click on System option, in settings.
Step 3: Click on System Updates.

Now update your device and wait until the process is completed. And after this, your problem will be solved.

Solution 4: Forcely Close all the apps

Try out to forcefully close the apps and your problem might be solved. Follow the steps given below to forcefully close all the apps:

Step 1: Launch The Settings.
Step 2: Go to Apps option.
Step 3: Click on the app which you want to stop forcely.
Step 4: Click on Force stop option.

And in this way, your problem will be solved.

Solution 5: Turn off background app refresh

This will take lots of amount of battery and thus the might get heated due to it. So we recommend you to turn off the background app refresh. Follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Keep your device on.
Step 2: Select the Recent apps option from the Home screen.
Step 3: Select the Activate apps option.
Step 4: Select the end that is beside the app. Instead, of that Select End All.
Step 5: If it is needed. Click on OK.

Solution 6: Problem with Battery or Hardware Damage

There might be some problem with the battery or there might be some hardware issue. For solving these problems you need to take your device to the nearest store.

when you see the overheating problem on Oneplus 7 Pro at the beginning time, Don’t renounce the problem. Because it will become serious after a few days. Also, you can get help from OnePlus Custome support to detect where is the problem with your Mobile. Share your suggestions in the comment that you would like to share with us and help others.

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