Personal Hotspot Turning off Automatically On Android Mobile on OnePlus, MI, Samsung Galaxy

Remotely access the internet using the Personal hotspot on another android mobile, Laptop/Desktop or Tablet. Sometimes your personal hotspot turning off or Disabling automatically. Know the settings for keep enabled personal hotspot after not in use or stay turned on when device not connected.

Personal hotspot keeps disconnecting and turning off automatically, when not in use.

Steps for Disable or Turn off Personal Hotspot when device not connected

Step 1: Swipe your finger down from top to bottom on a home screen or lock screen to access notification center.

Step 2: Tap on Gear settings icon or Open Settings app from the home screen.

Step 3: Next, Tap on Personal Hotspot.

Step 4: Scroll to the option for “Turn off personal hotspot when the device no connected”. Don’t keep selected this option. Disable the toggle for this. and you fixed your issues of Personal hotspot disabled when not in use.

personal hotspot disable (1)

Still having issues on Personal Hotspot not working or unable to stay connected with another android mobile.

1. Restart or reboot your android mobile. (Press and hold side button continuously until you see the option for reboot mobile).
2. Reset or Change Personal hotspot password. (if your personal hotspot is protected with a pin number, change it) or Forgot WiFi password on another device.
3. Update Android OS. (Settings app > About Phone > System Update > Download and install update if any update is available). You can only update your android mobile on a WiFi connection.

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