There was a Problem Parsing the Package on Android Mobile: Samsung Galaxy, oneplus, Google Pixel, MI & Other

problem parsing the package on Android mobile

installing .apk file on Android showing popup message “There was a Problem Parsing the Package on Android Mobile”. Android OS is amazing for the users who are using third-party applications or official applications on cross mobile platform and companies. Also, show some official application are available in demo version to use on other mobile likewise Google pixel 3 XL camera app is available on other Google pixel mobile and and and list of mobile companies that are able to install and use the features of new pixel camera without upgrading the new Android version or upgrading the mobile.

During the installation of this types of applications, people are getting the error message like there was a problem parsing the package on Android mobile. And the solutions are not fixed that causing you a problem like this. Read this tutorial and find out where is the program actually happen and how to fix it in a smart way. Help on these mobile companies, Samsung, Realme, Vivo, Xiaomi, Oppo, OnePlus 6, OnePlus 6T, Apple iPhone XR, Apple iPhone XS, Motorola, Nokia, Honor, OPPO, Google Pixel 3, Google Pixel 3 XL.

Top fixtures and helpful solutions for a problem parsing the package on Android while installing the app from the Play Store or direct download links

problem parsing the package on Android mobile

1. Permission to install application for another brand mobile app

You need to turn on install apps from unknown sources. Follow the steps on your Android mobile where you want to install apps, go to the settings app > find out the security of location applications > find out the installation of apps from unknown sources and enable it by checking the box.

2. Enable USB debugging on Android

Sometimes a developer creating the issue and not able to install third-party applications. Turn on USB debugging go to the settings app scroll down to the about phone > now find out the build number and tap on heat 7 times continuously. On your mobile screen, you will see developer options. Under the developer option. Enable USB debugging.

3. Disable antivirus on the Android mobile

Sometimes pre-installed security applications, or anti-virus software locking installation process. And the solution for this is, turn off of security for temporary or uninstall if you want to use any future time. Once you disable antivirus software try to install apk file again and check out the problem possessed for the parsing the package on Android mobile.

4. App is not compatible with this version of Android

Many times third-party applications are not always up to date, I would like to recommend to use Play Store if possible. Otherwise, it’s hard to identify the app is compatible with your Android version or not. At this point, you can solve on the internet after knowing which version is supported this APK file. And the smart solution contacts the app developer that list out on the page from where you have downloaded.

5. Apk file is corrupted for the source downloading the image file of the APK

Open source Android os users beware about some hacking techniques. Open source file in the form of .apk extension is available on the internet. The downloaded .apk file is not the original version. Make sure about all the things that I have specified.

6. The downloaded apk file from the Play Store unable to install and throwing the error message

Sometimes Play Store cache file creating a problem on parsing the package of apk file that you are trying to extract before the installation. Open the Google Play Store > find out the sidebar of the Play Store. Scroll down the option for settings > and clear local search history.

Quick other fixtures that are and very easy but effective

  • Check out the Android version if any updates available than first of all update and try again.
  • Restart your Android mobile or hard reboot
  • If you are getting the same error message multiple application installation you can find the help from the official mobile store nearby you.

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