How To Re-Arrange The Quick Settings Panel On Samsung Galaxy S22

The quick setting panel is basically so easy to access that you can easily use the key features on just one shoot. Here it’s a shortcut to one’s application or the hideous features like you can turn on/off the airplane mode, WIFI, mobile data, etc.

To rearrange the quick settings panel here we have created a guide cum easy steps for you to glance for Samsung Galaxy S22:

  1. Swipe down and click three dots.
  2. Go to the Quick search panel settings.
  1. Tap to edit the settings.
  2. For re-arranging the tools you need to drag the icons in between them.
  3. Once you got the order you can easily save it and use if efficiently.
  4. Or following the case you can either remove any  shortcuts or add them.

Here you go following these, you’re always connecting to Wi-Fi or using your phone’s flashlight. If that’s the case, you can change the button order so your favorite shortcuts show up first.

How to deal with the button order in Samsung Galaxy S22?

To resolve this problem it is more aligned with the solution above. Let me drive you through  the solution more easily

Follow the below-mentioned steps :

  1. Swipe  down and open the notification menu.
  2. See for the more options{ the three dots located at the top-right corner }
  3. Click on edit buttons.
  4. Select the wanted icons. 
  5. Or delete it from the queue by dragging out.  
  6. Tap on done.

TIP: The first six are the prioritize shortcuts keys. So, depending on the compact  view across you can also expand it to 18 so it can be easily available to see and use the keys more reliably   

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