How to Record Calls on Galaxy S10 Plus and S10: Auto Record incoming Calls

Record Calls on Galaxy S10 Plus and Galaxy S10

Start Recording outgoing or incoming calls automatically on manually on Galaxy S10 Plus/ Galaxy S10 in Free without the app. Check this Galaxy S10 Plus/S10 Customize recording settings and enable/Disable Call Recording. Call recording is an important feature that can be used as proof against some fake users are sometimes proofs in many crimes also. We recommend that you must record all the calls. Most of the Smartphones doesn’t support the native call recording because of some regional laws. Samsung is supporting call recording according to the region. Google is no longer supporting the call recording app in the Android 9.0 pie version, but then so Samsung providing native call recording in its Galaxy series is valuable for the users.

Here in this tutorial, we will show you how to record the calls in your Samsung Galaxy S10. You can manually record calls, or you can automatically record calls. Follow the steps given below to record the call:

Record Calls on Galaxy S10 Plus and Galaxy S10

Record Calls on Galaxy S10 Plus and Galaxy S10

Ways to Record All incoming Calls on Galaxy S10 Plus, Galaxy S1o: Manually or Automatically

First of all, let us how to record calls manually on Galaxy S10 Plus/S10/S10e:

Step 1: Make a call or receive someone’s call on your Galaxy S10.
Step 2: Click on the three dots menu button available at the top right corner on the call screen.
Step 3: Click on the Record option.
Step 4: If you are recording your call for the first time, then you need to accept some terms & conditions. Once you are done with it then now your call recording starts automatically. and the next tips are on how to enable auto-recording all calls on your mobile.

Now let us See how to automatically record calls on your Galaxy S10 Plus/S10:

Step 1: Open the default Dialler/ Phone app on your device.
Step 2: Click on the three dots menu button available at the top right corner.
Step 3: Click on the Settings option.
Step 4: Click on the Record Calls option.
Step 5: In a Record Call option, you will find Auto record calls option and Enable it, you need to enable the option with the help of the toggle.
Step 6: Now after this, you need to select that which calls are to be recorded, under the auto call recording option you

will get three options to choose that which calls you to want to record choose one out of those three options. Three options are:

1. All contacts
2. Unsaved numbers
3. Selected contacts

Best Call Recorder Apps for Galaxy S10/S10 Plus

Some users are unlike this feature because of many reasons like Not Protected, Quick Start on record, Unable to Recover Deleted Recordings, Unable to Backup Recording files and Cloud Support. That’s the reason I recommend to try other third-party best call recorder apps for your android mobile. That’s free on google play store, Download and install to record Live Call conversation on your mobile and Easy to manage on your Mobile and Other mobiles as well.

  1. ACR -Call Recorder
  2. Automatic Call Recorder
  3. Call Recorder
  4. Call Recorder by CRYOK SIA

And it is done. All the calls recorded will be saved in the call folder in the internal storage of your device. This is official and secure ways to record incoming/Outgoing Calls on Galaxy S10 Plus/S10 Plus. Checkout these settings for stop call recording on Galaxy mobile.

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