How to Record Calls on OnePlus 6T, 7, 7 Pro and 7T Android Mobile [incoming & Outgoing Calls]

Record Calls on OnePlus android mobile

Here we share with you in our article How to enable Record Calls on OnePlus android device, Start Clear Incoming & Outgoing Call Recording. keep the recorded call is the most useful point, it helps you because sometimes you can not remember something that was said on the call. mostly businessmen using these features for the security of their business records and activities. so, use this article and enable this feature in your OnePlus Android device

Note: Some counties dont give permission to record a call. proceeding, check your country low If it is illegal in your country you may run into legal issues.

How To Call Record On OnePlus Android Device

Record Calls on OnePlus android mobile

Record Calls on OnePlus android mobile

Without Any Third-Party Application – Record Incoming/Outgoing Calls

This is the trick to use Record Incoming and Outgoing Calls Without any third-party app, Enable Call Recording settings on android mobile.

  • Open Dialer app > Tap on the three-dot icon at the top right corner of the screen > Settings > Enable the toggle “Auto Record Calls”.

Record Option will show on caller screen, If the setting is not enabled, you will move to the Recording settings screen.

  • Auto-Record Calls, – Enable
  • Auto0Recording Notifications – Enable
  • Auto-Recording Range: Select Number for that you want to record calls by default.

Download OnePlus Call Recorder Magisk Module

First download Magisk Module call Recorder on your OnePlus device. once download & install it. after go with below steps:

  1. >You need to go to the Navigation Menu.
  2. >Tap three dots that you can see in the top left of the screen. > Otherwise swipe the screen left to the right side and get the menu option.
  3. >Tap download option and write the name of Module- ‘Call’.
  4. >You will see the ‘OOS Native Call Recording Enabler’ option.
  5. >Tap ‘OOS Native Call Recording Enabler

2: Flash OnePlus Recorder Module

  1. >Tap Install, to install the enabler.
  2. >Wait a few seconds you will see the Flash in your OnrPlus device.
  3. >When it finished, you get the option of Reboot.

3. How To Reboot Your OnePlus Android Device.

Now you can tap the reboot option that you got in the previous process but if you missed the reboot option, dont worry here we give you another option how to Reboot mobile.

  1. > Press and Hold Power &  Volume down buttons simultaneously.
  2. > Dont release it until you will see oneplus logo on your device.
  3. > that’s it. now completed your device reboot system.
  4. > Tap Restart.
  5. > now, when you open module, The OOS Native Call Recording Enabling will be listed in it.

4. Enable Call Recording

  1. > Tap Three Dots in verticle line in the upper right corner side.
  2. > Tap Setting Gear icon.
  3. > Tap and Select Call Recorder Option.
  4. > Turn On Call Recorder using the Toggle Button.
  5. > Now you w
  6. > you will get one option Enable Auto Call Recording’
  7. >  Tap Enable “Auto Call Recording
  8. > if you want to record the call, it automatically recorded
  9. > if you don’t want the auto call recorder, you can see Tape Icon on your dialer screen on the OnePlus android device.
  10. > Now, Tapping on which you will be able to Record your calls manually.

Using the above tips and record calls on your OnePlus 6, 6T, 7, 7 Pro and 7T. if you haven’t got the built-in recording option so you can use this method.

Note: you will get your recording file in the internal storage partition. and the name of the folder is “Record”

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