How to Record screen using Clipchamp on Windows 11: Windows 11 Build 22572 Update

In the new windows, 11 update Screen recording is now Built-in with the free software tool for all windows 11 users on Desktop or Later. Just install the new software update on your system and Start using Clipchamp to record screens and make videos directly using free Clipchamp video maker and editing software.

This recording also works for record system sound or Built-in sounds like Gaming screen or Presentation creator.

Steps to Record Screen Using Clipchamp on Windows 11

Step 1: Check for Download and install the latest compatible Windows 11 Update. Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update > Click on Check for Update. Download and install on your system and Move forward with the next step.

Step 2: Click on Windows Start > Search with Clipchamp Editor and open your Windows PC. This is pre-installed on your Windows 11 is your Mac updated with Build 22572 Update.

Step 3: On the Startup screen, Select “Personal” > Under the Start with a recording, Select “Screen” Option.

If you wish to record your Face or Any Object with Screen recording then select Screen & Camera Option. So your System or External camera automatically starts and record with the screen itself.

Step 4: Before starting the recording you have to check the Mic setting if you want to record external audio with screen recording.

Step 5: Start recording, and Stop any time. At the same time save the recording to your Clipchamp Editor.

Step 6: That’s it.

Check sound settings if the internal microphone is not working with Clipchamp, Right-click on the Speaker icon > Sound settings > Under the Input section, Examine the microphone settings and check it’s working or not.

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