How to Record Slow Motion Video on Galaxy S9/S9 Plus

Samsung Galaxy is not more different mobile from previous year model. But it has some extra and fantastic nifty features: AR Emoji, Food, portrait, Hyperlapse, pro & panorama last superb mode is SLOW MOTION. So, guys, let’s talk about Samsung S9 super slow motion. Record super slow- motion video at 960 fps in 720 p resolution. It also easy to use.

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Learn this article so you able to take Slow Motion video easily. here we left some step that teaches you how to take incredible stylish shots on Samsung Galaxy S9/S9 Plus. Let’s see..

Galaxy S9 – How do I take videos using Super Slow-mo?

#1: open camera screen top side you will see your current mode on the camera. Swipe the screen until you will see SLOW-MOTION

#2: now you can choose slow motion mode and trigger it automatically.

#3: in manual mode click the only record button to start recording video, after press right side button to start record super slow-motion video.

#4: only Samsung Galaxy S9/S9 plus record slow-motion video in 0.2-second bursts.

If you select slow motion video so press the record button and you can see the square in the camera viewfinder that detects motion within the square. So, select it and start slow motion video. Also, Samsung Galaxy record various bursts of super slow-motion video on Samsung Galaxy S9/S9 Plus.

#5: finish recording after you will see that video photo gallery on your Samsung Galaxy S9/S9Plus OxygenOS. First, you select video after you see the same icon on the screen. Press it, so you can see the bottom of the screen which segments are in Slow-motion video start.

You can add music on the slow-motion video, also toggling slow-motion On or OFF, for more option swipe the screen and get some new additional option.

Use above step and teach How to Record Super Slo-Mo Video with the Galaxy S9.

have a fun with slow-motion video recording.

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