How to Record Slow Motion Video on pixel 3 XL and pixel 3 Pie 9.0

New Google pixel 3 Xl mobile? That’s good. Because here we guide you how to record slow motion video on Google pixel 3 XL and Google pixel 3. And you know very well guys slow motion video are really cool and funny. Guys, it’s not new features and not surprising features. Because last Google pixel model could record slow-motion video. You know guys Android 9.0 version come with some new features like notch display, adaptive charger, navigation gestures, digital wellbeing, standby app and other great features.

In Our article, we are showing you how to record slow-motion video in Google pixel and Google pixel XL Android device, also we will show you pixel XL, pixel 2, pixel 2 XL and upcoming mobile pixel 3 and pixel 3 XL pie 9.0. In this tutorial. we Suggest you Google pixel 3 XL to get super slow motion video recording.

How to record and edit slow motion video on the new: pixel 3 XL slow motion mobile camera

Slow motion video is amazing pictures. You can shoot a different type of videos like a waterfall, double drop, bike ride, birds flying and monsoon rain. So, let’s read s and teach how to record slow-motion video in pixel 3 XL and pixel 3 Android Pie 9.0.
Follow every step one by one and record slow-motion video on pixel device.

first, check Google pixel is running latest Pie 9.0 Android software. If you people do not update the latest version. So first update 9.0 Android version.

Setting> system update> check for update.

Step 1: open your Google pixel 3 XL Pie 9.0 Android device.

Step 2: after open camera app in your pixel device.

Step 3: under camera app, you will show the upper left corner side three horizontal line. Tap it.

Step 4: Tap slow motion option.

Step 5: you can show bottom left corner side 120 FPS for 240 FPS, choose it.

Step 6: and tap video record button to start slow motion video on Google pixel 3 XL device.

Step 7: whenever you want to stop recording video tap again shutter button.

Now open your photo gallery and show recorded super slow motion video.

Record super slow motion video It’s not hard. I hope my article helps to you record slow-motion video or pixel device, also it articles helpful for upcoming mobile pixel 3 XL and Google pixel 3.

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