How to Record video in Slow-Motion: Samsung Galaxy J7

Samsung galaxy J7 slow motion video

The Samsung Galaxy J7 comes with a powerful camera and brilliant capture quality. You choose different video mode, image mode. Is there slow-motion recording in Samsung J7 Max? Samsung galaxy j7 also allow using Slow motion video record. so here we guide how to take slow-motion video in Samsung Galaxy J7/S9/S9plus/8/Note 8.

Samsung galaxy J7 slow motion video

You can capture Slow motion video through Samsung Galaxy j7 easily to record accelerated moment & emulate them slow motion in your video. Samsung Galaxy has processing power so you can take several image & video. For those that you want to know how to record slow motion video on galaxy j7.

How To Record Video in Slow Motion on The Samsung Galaxy J7

Here we give you tips to slow-motion video for Samsung Galaxy J7. So follow it step by step and capture super slow motion video.

Step 1: turn on Samsung Galaxy j7

Step 2: open the camera app

Step 3: camera app under go mode option. Their camera image showing and select the mode

Step 4: here different camera mode show up: select Slow motion mode.

Follow it step and start slow motion mode after whenever you take slow-motion video on Samsung Galaxy J7, that time automatically video start on slow motion. Also, if you want to change a setting of slow-motion video so you can easily set how slowly or fast

x1/2(slow motion is lowest)

x1/4(slow motion medium)

x1/8(slow motion effect is best)

this last setting x1/8 is a perfect slow-motion effect.

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