How to Record Videos In Slow Motion on OnePlus 6

slow motion video on oneplus 6 (1)

Have you already OnePlus 6 mobile? that’s great. Here we guide to How to Record Videos In Slow Motion on OnePlus 6. Every one like Slow-Motion video. Who doesn’t like SLOW MOTION VIDEO ONEPLUS 6/5T? Slow-Motion video features are really cool and funny. Guys, it’s not new and not surprising. Because last OnePlus model OnePlus 5T could record Slow-Motion video.

slow motion video on oneplus 6 (1)

In this article, we suggest you how to OnePlus 6 to get super slow-motion video recording? And you can easily play around them. First, we create recording slow-motion video so let’s do clear basic concept abaft it. You can record slow-motion video 1080p at 240 frames per second and this record video play at 30 frames OnePlus 5t slow motion fps. Slow-motion result effect and slow-motion video appear 8 times slower.

OnePlus 6 Slow motion mobile camera: How to record and edit slow motion videos on the new

Now, let’s look & teach how to shoot slow motion videos on one plus 6/5T. here we guide, follow it step by step- recording a slow-motion video on OnePlus 6.

Step 1#: first check OnePlus 6 has running latest OxygenOS version 5.1.3 on MAY 2018 security patch. If you do not update the latest version so first update it, OnePlus 6 software update brings super slow motion video support: Setting>system update> check for updates.

Step 2: open OnePlus 6 camera settings > click camera App and watch on the video. now scroll down the screen and look different video recording mode. Find it, select & tap Slow-Motion video mode.

Step 3: now, start the video, tap the red button and start recording the video. Notice one thing, here that slow-motion video has one different thing is video length is 1 minute after on minute video recording automatic pause. And you can also pause it before that.

Step 4: go to your OnePlus 6 photo gallery and look your slow-motion video. Video record with full HD resolution 1920 x 1080.

Step 5: here you get also one option “edit & trim” that maintain to video duration to play convinced part of the clip in slow motion. Choose start & endpoint and select which point you want the slow-motion effect.

Step 6: now, select the option SAVE, it’s option right corner upside. Ans save your slow-motion video recording. This is creating super Slow-motion video in OnePlus 6/ 5T mobile. and create a new folder.

Here e guide to you how to use slow motion? So, follow every step and create a slow-motion video.

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