How to record Xbox video more than 30 seconds: Xbox One

Not last 30 seconds record video from Xbox one, Xbox 360 or Xbox Live but more than the limitation. Here is the solution for that record Xbox video more than 30 seconds and Upto 45 Seconds, 1 Minute, 2 minutes and 5 Minutes fixed intervals. So Xbox is now able to make longer or shorter video during your game play time.

Also you can capture screenshot from game screen. Double tap on centre of the screen and Press Y button for capture screen.

Steps for Record Xbox video more than 30 seconds: Xbox Live, 360 or Xbox one

record Xbox video more than 30 seconds and Export it

DVR game app is official app from Xbox. To use this app double tap on Xbox game screen centre.

From the screen tap on Snap an app icon.

Under Snap an app, Tap on Game DVR (if you connected with Kinect then say “Xbox, snap Game DVR”)

Next, Choose “End Clip Now”, then select game play time (30 seconds, 1 minute, 2 minutes, 5 Minutes)

Now, Start video screen recording by select “Start Recording” and Stop it by “Stop Recording”.

Note: Recorded Game DVR is temporary and you can view it by selecting “View all captures”.

Export Recorded Video from Xbox one/ 360

Upload Studio is free online app for export recorded Screen to your Microsoft one drive.

Open Upload Studio app, next you will get prompt for download recorded video to this.

Upload Studio also gives option for edit before upload it. Next, select option for move it in to one drive account.

Hope you will found the perfect solution for record Xbox video more than 30 seconds without any crack or third-party app.

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