Recover deleted search history from Google Chrome: Windows PC, Laptop

Google Chrome is one of the most popular Browser for easily manage all the things that we have been searched and want to search directly from search bar from Google. Google Chrome come out new feature call sign in your profile in browser that have to save all of the work in the cloud and restore whenever we want on any device like mobile, tablet, PC, school or college PC. This option help to save lot of time and process for export search history, bookmarks and all other things automatically and then restore the call data to another PC or new installed Google Chrome browser.

Most of the people at query on Forum and my personal discussion with them, they always asking about suddenly gone all the history by sign out account from Google Chrome.  Now what to do to restore all the settings bookmarks tensions and call history.

And the solution is easy, use your previous Google account this time for signing again.

Help! Recover deleted search history from Google Chrome: Windows Laptop or PC

Shortcut for Find history in Google Chrome

Are you looking for history on correct place: Browser Settings > History. or Use Keyboard Shortcut: Ctrl + H or Type chrome://history/ in browser address bar.

To get this option under the Google account settings go to the settings menu setting under the people section, Click on the Add person.

add person or account in Google chrome

Right now there are too many software available to recover deleted all the history and sometimes it will have to get success.

I am not sure about these types of software that helps to recover Google Chrome history, these are the software that might be help to recover.

Show the suggestion is, if the history is too important than keep tecking regular backup manually or automatically.

System path: For Backup saved history in C Drive

C:\Users\(username)\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\local storage(or Bookmarks).

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