Reduce blue light on laptop, PC – Night Light Mode on Windows 10/ 7/ 8

flux for reduce blue light on Windows Laptop or PC

Many people complain that “my eyes sore after using computer or mobile for a long time”, well it is all because of the blue light radiations that are emitting from your electronic devices such as laptops, computers, mobiles, TV, Tablets, Kindle, etc. There are steps which will show you how to reduce blue light and protect your eyes.

You might ask “Why only blue light”? Well, the answer is “Blue light is that part of light, which is very good for our brain and body but only in the day time. At night this light is harmful to both body and brain. The most common and dangerous effect is the eye strain; also it affects health and sleeping disorder.

We all are surrounded by electronic items which emit light and spend most of the time sitting in front of these technologies. Around 50% of the time is spent in front of a laptop or mobile phones. There are ways we can reduce blue light before it harms us because precaution is always better than cure.

How to reduce blue light for laptop and PC having windows or MAC:

Enable or Turn on Night Light Mode on Windows 10

  1. Click on settings under the windows 10 menu.

    Windows 10 Settings under Windows Menu

    Windows 10 Settings under Windows Menu

  2. Next click on System > Display.

    Display under the System on Windows 10

  3. Next, to Display settings, Click on Night light on. For more customization settings click on night light settings,

    Night Light Settings under Display on windows 10

  4. Select Sunset to Sunrise or Set hours. Also, we can adjust the Color temperature at night slider.

    Turn on Now for Enable Night mode on windows 10

    Turn on Now for Enable Night mode on windows 10

Using the Flux software

flux for reduce blue light on Windows Laptop or PC

Use F.lux software which is popular for its blue light blocking on MAC and windows. It adjusts lighting for both day and night using your location. It adjusts screen color similar to your environment and surrounding.

Also, you can reduce brightness at night time manually with the help of the brightness button. Use proper brightness, not too low or not too high, adjust according to your environment. This will lower your strain and you will feel good.

Just stay safe, don’t let technology to affect your health because health is wealth. Always use precautions while using technology, Use anti-glare glasses while sitting in front of the computer or laptop.

No need to Change your Laptop or Website Theme.

Always turn on lights while working. Don’t work in the dark because your eyes will get more strain in dark. Eat healthy like green vegetables and avoid junk foods. Always take some rest in-between work so that your eyes will also get rest. The main thing always reduces blue light as much as possible.

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