Reduce & Limit Data Usage For Hotspot WiFi connection in windows 11


are you not happy with using too much data while using your Phone’s Hotspot connection in your Windows 11 Laptop or Desktop? Yes, we can restrict the Hotspot Data usage in Two ways. Let’s connect your Personal hotspot and save data for a long time at a low cost to your Mobile data usage.

This technique automatically stops the Software update and other backgroud Data usages while using Hotspot WiFi on your Windows 11 or Windows 10 Laptop or Desktop.

Method 1: Enable Reduce Data usage for this network using Metered connection

In Windows 11, it’s easy to enable restrictions for your Data usage for a specific WiFi connection that might be your Hotspot connection, Or Home and Office WiFi.

1: Go to the WiFi icon at the bottom right corner of the screen in the status bar.


2: Now, Extract the WiFi connection by clicking on the Arrow icon next to the wifi Button.


3: Click on the Connected WiFi name and see the more button – i button.

You will move to WiFi settings for this Connection, One of the options is “Metered Connection” > Turn on the toggle to start and apply all the restrictions that are mostly turned on in backgroud like Software update, Backgroud app refresh, and more.


That’s the primary restriction. If you need more accurate and apply Limit data usage for the specific connection then follow the next method.

Method 2: Enable Data limit or Limit Data usage in Windows

Limit that Data usage by applying for a day, Month, or for Lifetime duration in MB and Gbs. Follow the steps below,

  1. Press Windows + i from Keyboard to open Settings or Right-click on the Window menu icon >
  2. Select Network & Internet > See the Data Usage Option at top right corner of the screen.manage-data-usage-and-enable-restriction-for-hotspot-connection-in-windows
  3. Select WiFi – Hotspot connection here in my case, and click on Enter limit.enter-data-limit-for-hotspot-connection-in-windows-11
  4. Choose limit type, here i am selecting, one time option for a 1 day. and Data limit it 500 MB. user can set as per available Data in carrier plan or line.set-data-limit-for-hotspot-connection-in-windows-11
  5. Click on Save.

And see the live updates for how much data is used on your Computer for the applied limit.


Also, we can remove or Edit the data limit to allow more data usage anytime. With the option Edit Limit.

That’s a quick and easy method to manage Data usage on windows 11 Laptops and desktops.

At the same time, I recommend resetting the data usage history to track which app uses more data during this cycle. and manage it later on in your system.

Scroll to the last screen, and Click on Reset Data Usage.


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