3 Methods how to remove adware, pop up ads from Google Chrome

For the un-experience people, or non-technical it’s very hard to identify which software should we install on our system or not even though, they cannot find the way to download third party tools from the official site. But for any reason, if you got the pop-up add extension on your computer and creating a problem when you search in your browser.
Some people can’t fix it by removing browser extension, uninstall all the third party software from control panel. In last day have to go for uninstalling and reinstall Google Chrome or format the whole system. But it’s very annoying task or takes too much time in clean up whole PC then re- install primary software.

Block popup ads in google chrome is the not solution for security and user friendly use of your any browser.


  • On Google Chrome search redirecting the result in the second new tab open automatically
  • The Internet automatically stop from blocking port
  • low Internet speed affected by adware

Alternate solution for clear pop up ads or adware from your Windows PC or laptop

Clear your browser manually or using Google Chrome clean up tools

I will so easy solution then hard, this clean up tools automatically read all the problems and fix it from the root by removing unexpected errors, pop up ads, Slow browser experience.

Compatible with windows 8 Windows 10 and Windows 8.1 and Windows 7


Go to the link and download these tools, install and follow the onscreen instructions from your system.

Manually clear and fix it popup ads problem

Open Google Chrome go to the settings by click on top right setting (Three strips icon)

Next click on settings option from dropdown

option in google chrome browser

Scroll down at last in the setting screen click on the advanced settings

Advanced Settings in google chrome

Under the reset browser settings find the button “reset browser settings

reset browser settings from google chrome

Finally click on reset button from the pop up verification

Wait for few seconds now after that your old save data life bookmarks, past history, installed extension, and more completely without backup

Remove Adware or popup ads using Software

One of the best adware removal tools is adwCleaner.  This will be available in free, go to the link and download in your system then install it.

AdwCleaner tools for remove adware or clean browser

how to block pop ups on chrome browser

Yes, you can try pop up ads blocking extension after install it from google chrome extension store.

On software screen, find scan option and start to scan. After the complete scan you can see the registry that you should remove from the system. Select all the registration and click on the clean button. Now you are done restart your browser or system. Check the pop up ads available or not.

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