How to Remove/ Set password in MS office Excel, Word or Outlook on Windows

MS office documents widely used for the business or personal use under top security and trust by windows or Mac users. In that one of the most powerful and very useful protection options is password. So, you can remove or Set password in MS Office Excel, Word or Powerpoint. Every time you need to enter correct password once you close it or try to open in another Laptop or PC. There is no way restriction on sharing and copying. So we can send it as mail attachment or Cloud storage.

Microsoft Office 2010, 2007 and MS office 365 doing 128 bin encryption techniques once you set password office document also it’s not removable easily.

Note: Keep all password remember and note elsewhere, because it not removable or recoverable. We can remove password only after open file using existing password.

Steps for Remove/ Set password in MS office Excel, Word or Outlook File or Document

Password in MS Excel or Word 2010

Go to the File > Info.

1 Set password in MS office Excel MS Excel 2010

Next, under the info section you will see Permission option at first. Click on lock icon. Here you can see different password or file protection types.

Mark As a Final: in this you make file final, it’s not editable and For viewing purpose only.

Encrypt With Password: you have go with this option if you set password for access or open file.

Protect current Sheet: Set custom option for the customization on edit file or after open.

Protect Structure: No one can edit new worksheet or edit sheets.

2 Enter password two times for verification

Above Steps same for Word 2010 file. Go to the File Menu > Permission (Click on Protect Document icon).

Remove Password in MS Office 2010

Password protection removal technique is quite intelligent. That no one can easily remove password.

Go to the Info > Click on Protect Workbook.

3 Remove Encrypt password in MS Excel 2010

Next, Click on Encrypt with password > Clear password from text box then Ok. Now file is protection free from password.

4 remove password in MS Excel 2010

Set Password in MS Excel or MS Word 2007

Remove Password in MS office or Word 2007

Click on Microsoft Office Button from top right corner in MS word or Excel.

Next, Prepare > Encrypt Document.

1 Set password by Encrypt MS office 2007 or MS Word 2010

Enter password and verification password two times.

2 Create password in MS office or MS word

Remove Password from MS Office/ Word 2007

Go to MS Office button > Prepare > Encrypt Document > Clear text > Ok

4 remove password in MS Excel 2010

All the best and keep your all MS document password protected by Set password in MS office Excel, Word, Power Point and Edit/ Change or Remove password.

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