Replica Multicolor Louis Vuitton identification using Quatrefoils

multi real Louis Vuitton identification

Thank you guys for visiting our post one more time, hope last post helped you to choose genuine handbag of most famous brand Louis vuitton. Louis vuitton handbags come in many variants such as mm, pm, multicolor, etc. Today I will give you pointers for multicolor handbags. Mistakes that counterfeiters make while replicating multicolor Louis vuitton handbags.

Multicolor handbag is now a days in fashion. Many celebrities uses these handbags and have been spotted with it. These handbags come in two variants of color that is white and black. Multicolor variants come in wallets, handbags, pooches etc.

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Eplica Louis Vuitton identification: plastic around handles, metals, pattern

Pointers indicating item to be fake:

If you see any multicolor handbag first sees the color of quatrefoil and Louis vuitton monogram. You have to notice the color of monogram and the upper right quatrefoil’s color. If both have same color than your item is 100% fake. Color should never match. Louis Vuitton never makes same color quatrefoil to its right side.

fake multicolor Louis Vuitton identificationIn this image you can notice that quatrefoils are of same color as that of respected LV. First arrow shows yellow Louis vuitton and upper right quatrefoil is also of yellow color. These color should never match.

multi real Louis Vuitton identification

In the real bag you can notice that each LV has different color quatrefoil on its upper right part. You can apply same rule to black multicolor bag to identify whether it is original or not.

In our next article we will show you how to identify date codes of Louis vuitton bags. Each bag has a unique date code tag inside. If you like our post and thinks that information is useful then please write to us for any query. If you want to purchase Louis Vuitton bag than you can show us the images and we will surely tell you whether its real and Identify Fake Louis Vuitton handbags for you.

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