Replica products that Louis Vuitton doesn’t even make or manufacture

louis vuitton bed sheet fake

In our previous post we shared some products that are not manufactured by Louis Vuitton but still we see them in markets. These products are known as DNM or do not manufactured products.
In this post we will continue sharing more DNM products of Louis vuitton. If you search on official website these products will never come. Decals, heels, buttons and many more come in the list of DNM products.

List of DNM products of Louis Vuitton.

1: Louis vuitton never makes hat with Louis vuitton logo on it. Louis Vuitton do manufacture beanies and hat without Louis Vuitton monogram and logos. Also you can see co branding on the hat which is also a point that we previously discussed as replica.

louis vuitton fake hat

2: Heels are the foot wear that are not manufactured by louis Vuitton. You can clearly see the finishing is not proper and also item itself looks cheap.

louis vuitton fake heels

3: Buttons are the accessory that Louis Vuitton does not sale independently. Buttons sold in market are surely replica because it is not manufactured by Louis Vuitton to sell in market.

lv buttons fake

4: Louis Vuitton never makes bed sheet and pillows or any bedding items. These items are only manufactured by counterfeiters. Louis Vuitton never entered into bedding industries.

louis vuitton bed sheet fake

5: Louis Vuitton has never manufactured portable charger having Louis Vuitton monogram. These items only have Louis Vuitton stickers applied on it to make it look real and authentic.

fake lv portable charger

6: Louis Vuitton manufacture t-shirts but it never make T-shirts with co-branding on it. Below image shows Louis Vuitton t-shirt with co-branding on front of it.

fake louis vuitton tshirt

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