Reset Google Chrome App Data On Android: Clear Or Stop Spam Notification On Android Chrome Browser

If You tired from spam message, virus, Distressing & useless notifications? here our article gives you the best solution, the solution is Reset Google Chrome App Data. let’s see how to Reset Google Chrome App Data On Android device [Stop Spam Notifications]. you can clean all the applications that harass you. these settings remove all cache, cookies and other sites that you saved in your Google Chrome.

So let’s see how we can restore Chrome to its factory settings.use the setting gear icon and remove all cache from Google Chrom.

Stop Google Chrome Spam Notification on android mobile
Stop Google Chrome Spam Notification on android mobile


How To Reset Chrome Browser Settings on Android Device

Google Chrom saved your all cache and cookies. if you want to fix Clearing loading or formatting issues on guys, go with our article and fixes a certain issue.

  1. Tap The Setting Gear Icon.
  2. Tap The Apps.
  3. Scroll The Screen And Find The Google Chrom App.
  4. Tap The Google Chrom App.
    Here You Can Show App info menu.
  5. Tap Storage.
    Here You Can See Two Option: Manage Space & Clear Cashe.
  6. Tap Manage Space.
  7. Tap Clear All Data.
  8. That’s it.

Total data used by Chrom, including accounts, bookmarks, and saved settings. if this solution does not work then try to backup and reset your device.

How to Backup & Reset Android Device.

whenever you different type reset process(Hard Reset, Soft Reset, Factory Reset) dont forget to take backup because the reset process cleans your and device and with them lost your data. [Backup your Mobile just below this step]

  1. Tap the Settings icon from your home screen or app drawer.
  2. Swipe down on the screen to find the settings: System.
  3. Hit Reset options.
  4. Select Erase all data (This will factory reset).
  5. Swipe up to scroll down to the bottom of the page.
  6. Hit the Reset phone button.

if unexpectedly lost your device, crush or stolen, then you will not only lose your data but also you lost your imporatant data, file, photos, videos, business documents, bank detail. Do you want to save it from all? our hand best solution and simple way to a solution to this problem. it is a backup. here we share with you tips on how to take backup on android mobile.

Nowadays most people saving all memory, Contact, Photos, important documents, cherished photos, etc in their android device. but many time people face an issue like hung mobile, phones freeze up for no apparent reason not working device, black screen issue, battery drain issue, Application(WhatsApp, FaceBook, Instagram) not working, low call volume, etc, etc software related issue. At that time we suggest you always reset your device. so guys, first take a backup then do reset process.

Note: These Settings support all Android Mobiles: Samsung, OnePlus, Lenovo, Vivo, Mi, Moto, Lg, HTC, Huawei, Google PIxels, Panasonic, Asus, Honor, etc Android Device.

How To Take Backup Android Phone

if you think only one button press and take backup. it’s not possible. here we share with you an easy step to take backup.

  • Backup: Settings > Scroll to Accounts & Sync > Select your Google Account > Enable Synced

1. How To Take Backup Photos On Android.

  • > Open Google Photo App./ Setting> App> Google Photo.
  • > Log In Your Google account.
  • > Select and Click desired quality settings.
  • > Wait Few Minutes for photos to sync.
    when this process has done you will see all photos in your Google account.

2. How To Take Backup Text Messages On Android.

  • >Open SMS Backup & Restore Option on your Device
  • >Click Get Started.
  • >Click Set Up A Backup Option.

3. How To Take Backup Files On Android.

what do you think about your file? do u want to take a backup file? there is you keep your presentations, Business Note, Documents, PDFs, Business call Recording Clip. let’s see How To Take Backup Files On Android.

  • > Tap Google Drive On Your Device.
  • > You Can See The Bottom-Right Corner Side  + icon, Tap it.
  • > Tap Upload.
  • > Select The File That You want To Upload.
    if you don’t want to backup in Google Drive. Here we have another option Dropbox.

    • > Tap the Dropbox app.
    • > Sign in With Google.
    • > You Can See The Bottom-Right Corner Side  + icon, Tap it.
    • >  Tap Upload.

4. How To Take Backup Contacts On Android.

  • > Tap Google Contact.
  • > You Will See The Top-Left Side Menu Buttons.
  • >There Is Settings Option, Tap It.
  • > Here You Can Import a.Vcf File, Export Contacts From a Google account.

5. How To Take Backup App On Android Device.

  • > Tap Setting Gear icon.
  • > Tap System.
  • > Tap Backup Option.
    Now You Can Automatic On/Off Backup.

now, we can reset our device without tension because we take already backup imporatant data. let us see how to Reset Android Device.

How to Reset Android Device.

  • let’s see the different type of reset:
    1. Soft Reset
    2. Hard Reset
    3. Factory Reset

How to Soft/Hard Reset On Android Device.

  • >Soft Reset Also Knows As Rebooting Process.
  • >Press and Hold Power Button Until You Will See Massage On Your Screen: Power Off Option.
  • >Tap Power Off Option.
  • > Wait Few Minutes After Press Power Button.
    • You, Will, See Your Device Logo.
    • Done Soft Reset/ Hard Reset Process.

How To Hard Reset On Android Device.

  • > Tap Setting Gear Icon.
  • > Scroll Down The Setting Menu.
  • >  Tap System Option.
  • > Tap Advance.
    If you dont see advance tap reset option.
  • > Tap Reset Option.
  • > Tap Erase All Data(Factory Reset).
  • > Reset phone.
    Enter your device password.
  • > Tap Erase Everything.
    When finished this process.
  • > Tap Restart option.

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