How to Erase All Content and Settings on windows 11! What is Reset This PC?

Are you looking for erasing Saved user data from your Windows 11 System or Resetting all settings only with the application? To fix the most common freezing, Low storage, and other software issue Before selling your system. Don’t worry follow the below steps and Get your job done without any error and confusion.

Normally, Erase Data from your Gadget is divided into a different section, But don’t know what will delete actually and what not!

What is Reset This PC in Windows 11?

Reset This PC comes with Two Different options and the first is Reset Windows 11 settings only but not the data and Software installed on your computer called “Keep my Files”. And Another Option is the Remove Everything option, This option will remove all of your Personal files, Apps, and Settings in just a single click.

But in the Both option, your COmputer will download the latest windows 11 and install it on your System.

How Much Time will Take to Reset Windows 11?

Ideally, Both options will take the same time, But it highly depends on your Installed SSD or HDD Drive types, Internet connection, and Process to get the high speed of installation in both options.

So, it will take around 30 minutes to 45 minutes, depending on the Data stored on your Drive. Becuase Keep my files option take a backup first then install new windows 11 setup.

and the other option “Remove Everything” is fast compared to the other option. so it will depend on the internet connection, then it will take around 30 minutes.

Step for Erase All Settings on Windows 11

If you are looking for How do I wipe my computer before selling Windows 11? Then your all the settings and Data must be deleted from your system. Follow the below steps, wipe my computer and delete everything?

  1. Click on Window from bottom Tab > Search Settings. or Press Command + i or Right Click on Windows Menu >
  2. Open Settings > System.
  3. Under the System > Recovery.system-recovery-option-in-windows-11
  4. Under the Recovery Options section, Select the Reset PC option.reset-pc-option-on-windows-11-laptop-or-computer
  5. If you need to sell your Laptop, then Select “Remove everything” for Removes all of your personal files, apps, and settings.erase-all-data-or-settings-from-windows-11

Select the option and Wait for a few minutes, it depends on the data available on your System.

How do you Reset all settings on Windows 11?

That means you need all Created and Copied data to your System on your System. But don’t want Settings that you made for apps and Windows.

Make sure, You must have to Delete apps along with Reset all settings with the Option “Keep my files” Option under the Reset PC. And Remove apps and settings, but keep your personal files.

  1. Click on the Windows icon from the bottom center > Search settings app.
  2. Find System > Recovery.
  3. Next to Recovery > Click on Reset This PC option.
  4. And select “Keep my files”. that’s it.erase-all-data-or-settings-from-windows-11

How do I delete all personal data from Windows 11?

Personal Data Means Your created files and folder saved on your Laptop & Desktop’s Drive. Windows don’t give the option to Delete only data but keep the apps installed on your Windows computer.

Follow the same steps, and Choose “Remove everything” under the Settings > System > Recovery Option.erase-all-data-or-settings-from-windows-11

how to reset windows 11 without losing apps

From the default option given in Windows 11 for Reset PC, your Apps will remove from Windows that might be “Keep my files” or “Remove everything” Option under the Reset PC option.


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