How To Restore Deleted Data From Galaxy S10 Plus/S10/Fold: Photos, Contacts, Files

Solution for Restore or Recover lost Deleted Data from Galaxy S10 Plue/ S10/ S10e. Recover Photos, Recover Contacts, Recover Documents, Recover Settings. Have you ever faced the problem because of photos, videos, information, files, documents and information that have been deleted by you by mistake, it is a big issue to restore. So we are here with a solution to this problem.

Samsung S10/Fold are the best phones, in which you can recover the data you have lost by mistake. You can restore the data by a named FonePaw Android Data Recovery.

Whenever any data has been deleted by mistake then avoid the usage of the phone to receive New messages and Downloading things this will protect data from overwriting.

recover Delete Data or lost Data from Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 Plus S10e

recover Delete Data or lost Data from Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 Plus S10e

Three Ways to Restore or Recover Lost Data on Galaxy S10 Plus/S10 and S10e

The FonePaw app will recover the lost data in a readable manner. Now Let us How to recover the Data:

Way 1: Recover Lost Photo on Galaxy S10 Plus/ S10/ S10e

Most of the people are worried about recover lost photo at first, Becuase it’s beautiful memories of our past life and enjoyment with our friends and family. Such a taught job for the unknown person who doesn’t have any idea about how to recover lost photo after synced of backup on Google Photos app in the past.

1: Open Google Photos app on your Mobile.

2: Find the Trash option from left menus. Next is you will see all deleted app.

3: Touch and Hold on photos that you want to recover. Tap on Restore to Retrieve deleted photo back to your Google Drive account. Once you move back to your Account, Simply save all photos to your mobile’s local storage and that’s it.

This option is doesn’t helpful to you. than you can get the help from third-party recovery software that builds for smartphones like Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10 Plus, and Galaxy S10e.

Way 2: Restore All Data on Galaxy S10 Plus/ S10/ S10e Using Samsung Cloud

Samsung Allow to store or Backup your Mobile data to the cloud. and Restore anytime on lost or deleted data from your mobile. Samsung Cloud Restore process doesn’t allow to preview your data on your device before restore back to your Samsung mobile.

Open Settings app on your Galaxy Mobile.

Tap on Backup and Restore option.

Now Choose Restore Data. Select Which types of content (Contacts, Messages, Photos, Documents, Mails, Phone Settings and Other types of data) you want to restore back to your Galaxy S10/ Galaxy S10 Plus.

Way 3: Restore Data to Android Mobile using FonePaw Software

Step 1: Install FonePaw Android Data Recovery

Tap on Download button, and Download the FonePaw Android Data Recovery app.

Step 2: Connect Samsung S10/Fold Phone To The Program:

Connect your device with the computer with the help of USB cable, and connect it with the program. To recover the data

enable the USB debugging on your Device.

Step 3: Select Data to Recover from S10/Fold

Now you will be able to see the data which can be recovered from your device. So now choose the data which you want to recover. And after selecting the data click Next.

Step 4: Allow Data Recovery on S10/Fold

Tap ok and allow to begin the recovery. and by tapping on ok and allow give the permission to scan your device.

Step 5: View Deleted Data on Samsung S10/Fold

As the scanning is completed FonePaw Android Data Recovery app will show you the deleted data in categories. In which the data in red color is deleted data. And After this select the data which you want to recover, and recover it by taping on Recover. So this is how you will get your data back.

So this is how you can recover your lost data with the help of FonePaw Android Data Recovery app on your Samsung S10/Fold.

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