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Adidas was founded in 1948 by Adolf Dassler since then it is into making shoes. From some time it also produces athletic apparels; Adidas is considered second best selling brands in shoes after Nike. Fila, Reebok and Puma are competitors for Adidas. In short time Adidas will surpass Nike according to some of the reports. Let us see some of the best Adidas Shoes that were manufactured in 2018.

Best Adidas Shoes of 2018:

Supernova Glide Boost Shoes:

supernova-glide-boost-shoes This shoe had already won Runner’s world editor’s choice sneaker in 2015. If we see the formation of design of heels then it has very smooth touchdown on each stride, it also has torsion plate. Bottom have the extra layer to protect the middle of the toe. It force you to land on your feet hence very comfortable and idle for any new starter.

NEO run 9tis shoes:

neo-run-9tis These are the 90’s style shoes or you can say throwback shoes from ninety’s. They modified it and embedded it with latest features, have bright colors, retro styling and contains mesh on upper side. They are designed for heavy use, so if you are going to use it in normal days, it will last long.

Adizero Takumi Sen 2.0:

adizero-takumi-sen-2-0-shoes These shoes were only available to Japan, but thanks to Adidas it brought it to the world. It has both eastern and western design and engineering concept. Shoes are cushioned at midsole and DSP rubber outsole to minimize transaction and weight. Shoes also contain Tortion system.

Stan Smith Shoes:

adidas-stan-smith These athletic shoes appeared in 1973 if you remember that. It has same classic look. Has three stripes that will cool your feet and also protects from rain and moist. It is much softer than previous version, same wrap around technology. It is available in many different colors.

Jeremy Scott wings:

jeremy-scott-wings_ These are the coolest looking shoes Adidas has ever made. Leather at upper side are durable and comfortable. The shape of wings will give you stability while running. No doubt it is the best looking shoes of 2016.

RGIII Energy Boost:

rgiii-energy-boost Boost cushion returns your energy back with every stride, so instead of feeling tired you will be energized and feel refreshed. These are light weight shoes and it has strap that will cover laces.

D-Rose Lakeshore Shoes:

Best Adidas shoes These shoes have a great style and allow you to play at your best. EVA insole used is ideal for tall guys who put lots of pressure while playing or jumping. Shoes are great for both inside and outside use.

Spring Blade Drive:

springblade-drive-adidas Spring outsoles actually propel you into air when you launch adding centimeter while leaping. Shoes also propels in the forward direction while running with angled polymer blades which also acts as a shock absorbent.

These were the best Adidas Shoes from 2018. You can view our post related to real and fake Adidas Yeezy boost.

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