How to Root OnePlus 6t Without PC or Using PC

We can root OnePlus 6t without PC or using PC. Using open source root software and Apk file that have to root OnePlus 6t without any Rooting processor command that’s we do manually. OnePlus 6t is a quite impressive compared to the last version of OnePlus mobile, there are too many improvement cameras, stability against the run applications and game (Speed Boost), after all sometimes we need and customize the Android OS using the root process, so we can easily clear out all the cache and partition at the system level.

Right now we have too many options that work for us to root OnePlus 6t without PC (.APK file) or using PC software (Windows root Software).

How to root oneplus 6t

We can extend the functionality of OnePlus 6t after Root the device

# To Add External storage
# Improve the performance of battery life and speed
# Install any applications that are not supporting to OnePlus 6t
# Block some Popup ads and Annoying ads in online applications
# Install the custom ROMs
# Change the Skin and theme of the device

Perform the action below start rooting Oneplus 6t using software or APK file

Enable USB debugging mode for developer mode from the settings of your oneplus 6t, This option allows to install and run the external Software or APK sources, that will change at the root level.

Go to the settings app on your OnePlus 6t > developer settings > and enable it.
Now, you need to enable USB debugging from the settings using the given guideline for OnePlus 6t.

Best software Or APK files that helps to root OnePlus 6t without PC and the steps to use

KinRroot (Available Android APK)
kingoroot (Available Android APK &  Pc)
iRoot Apk (Available Android APK &  Pc)
Kingroot old version  (Available Android APK)

If you wish to root Android mobile without PC then you need to download APK file cost of all and install on your device to start rooting process itself.

Otherwise, you must install root software on your desktop PC, Now connect your Android mobile to your PC and start the routing process after detect your oneplus 6t mobile in the software. Now follow the onscreen instruction to complete the root device. In the wall process your mobile wheel reboot several times so don’t take any action like start the oneplus 6t using physical side button or unplug the device from PC.

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