Samsung Galaxy Buds not Loud enough [Left or Right Buds not working]

Samsung Galaxy Buds not Loud enough fixed
Here are the troubleshooting tips on why my Samsung galaxy buds are not working and sounding too low on call or Listen to music. And it’s really hard to identify where is the problem with my Galaxy Buds and the solutions are simple and easy. Follow the below troubleshooting tips and share your problem with us on comment and working solutions as a suggestion and picked from below.
Sometimes smart gadgets affected with software bugs, incompatible OS and Outdated OS or Too many sensors and touchpad not working properly after set the wrong settings by you.
Clean up Both the Galaxy buds with Soft Cotton Cloth, after Clean, All the Sensor parts perform the below steps to fix your Galaxy buds volume problems.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Low volume problems and solutions

Samsung Galaxy Buds not Loud enough fixed

Samsung Galaxy Buds not Loud enough fixed

Enable Media volume sync option, from the connected android mobile, follow the below steps and enable it.

Go to the settings app on android mobile < Connections < Bluetooth < More icon < Advanced Option < Media Volume sync on. after that also change preset Tap and Hold gesture on Galaxy buds touchpad, Open Wearable app on android mobile < Tap on Touchpad < Choose Left or Right < Select Volume down button. now Expected touch and hold command on Buds touchpad work like a normal you do.

Solution 1: Disable Absolute volume

First of all Enable developer options
1. Open Settings app on your Galaxy Mobile. (Swipe down from top to open notification center, Find and Tap on Settings gear icon). Tap on it.
2. Once, you open settings app, Scroll to end and tap on About phone.
3. Next, to About Phone, Tap on Software information.
4. Now, Tap seven times on Build Number. You will be prompted with a password, pin to make changes. You will get the message like Developer mode has been turned on.
5. Once it’s completed, Go back to previous screen or re-launch settings app > Developer options > Enable Developer options.
And disable absolute volume under Developer option. 
1. Go to the Settings app > System > Developer Options and Toggle off to Disable Absolute volume
Now, Check it fixed or not, Follow the next solutions.
Right away the volume was louder and can feel the thump of the music better.

Solution 2: Change the Volume from the touchpad

Get out Buds from charging case, and put on your ears. Now Touch and Hold on Earbuds touchpad. Once you do that.
Increase Samsung Galaxy Buds Volume using Touch Pad

Increase Samsung Galaxy Buds Volume using Touch Pad

You will also volume up using the Bixby option. Touch and hold on a Touch pad, Until you listen to beeps and goes to the max volume that also set the music volume high.
on some reasons, a volume is slow because of some reasons by default, and you can change it.

Solution 3: Not Enough Charging

Charge you Galaxy Buds more enough to test the problem on Louder volume. Just like other smart earbuds, Samsung buds also charged at a different level you can test or check what is the battery level on your Galaxy Buds from your Galaxy Wearable app that paired with the mobile device.

Solution 4: Unpair or Re-pair (or Manually BT connect)

Solution 5: Take theme at Service center

You can also visit the service center or Talk at online help center via chat or phone call. Here’s the detail.
That’s is. Don’t miss to share your feedback in the comment box or leave helpful solution if you have on Low Call Volume in Galaxy buds or Low Music volume on Galaxy Buds.
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  1. Turning on the developer options and disabling the absolute volume didn’t work.

    It was just about mapping the touch pad on the earphone to increase volume.

    This happened after the update. What was somebody in Samsung smoking? Anyway, great product. Love u Samsung S10.

    Malaysia S10 One UI updated April 2019.

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