Samsung Galaxy Buds Won’t Turn On/Not Charging/ Equaly not Charge [Galaxy Earbuds]

Samsung Galaxy Buds Won't Charge and turn on

Charging method is really simple and alternate ways we can charge Galaxy Buds that has Wireless Charging case and also support lightning pin to charge quickly as possible from anywhere. Samsung Designed low power consumption and transmitted power from other wireless mobile devices (also known as powershare on Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10). But some Galaxy bud users posting your problem on different forums like Why my Galaxy Bud not charging fully or stuck while charging mode, Galaxy Buds can’t stay charged. Don’t miss to check how to use powershare to charge Galaxy Buds from Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus.

To use powershare wireless charging, Your Mobile charged at least more than 30 percent. Below 30% charge, Powershare auto turns off. And You can’t charge galaxy buds using Charging Case.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Won't Charge and turn on

Samsung Galaxy Buds Won’t Charge and turn on

A big problem that raised and experienced by most of the Galaxy bud owners. Both buds Left or Right are not equally charged. So the charging speed is different.

Most of the problems are related to connectivity. Sometimes it’s stuck due to software problems. Samsung Recommend to Restart if you are having issues with a sound disconnect or no sound. But in the case of Charging problems, you should go with a Factory reset.

Troubleshooting tips and Guide on Galaxy Buds not Charging and stuck, Left or Right bud not Charging

Solution 1: How to Factory Reset Galaxy Buds? Steps

  1. Open the Galaxy Wearable app that available on Connected Android or Galaxy Phone.
  2. Now, Tap on About Earbuds option.
  3. Tap on Reset Earbuds
  4. Finally, Tap on Reset.
  5. Now Pair with Again.

Solution 2: How to Update Galaxy Buds? after setup again, Steps

After the Factory Reset, you should pair again with the same Mobile but make sure Android OS and Galaxy Buds are updated with the latest update. if an update is available, you will get the update option after pairing with android mobile on Galaxy Wearable app.

See the screen below,

Galaxy Buds Software Update

Galaxy Buds Software Update

Once you do that, a double check is there any packaging material wrapped around the buds or inside the case. If not, then at least clean up the buds and Charging case carefully with carbon fiber cloths.

Galaxy Buds Software Install

Galaxy Buds Software Install

Hope you got fixed your problem.

Solution 3: Still not, Call on Samsung Customer canter

Samsung Provide free replacement service if you are under the policy and valid time duration from the purchase date.

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