What to Do if Your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is Charging Very Slow Troubleshooting Guide and Charging Tips

Slow charging issue most of Deep software glitches and bugs. But if it is not software issue 100% sure its hardware damage. Most of the cases faulty battery defective charger and old and boosted power outlet create slow charging issue. Samsung Galaxy Note 9 users most complaining that care mobile battery, not remains a long time also slow charging problem.

If you face slow charging problem so continue read this. You people troubleshoot software issue some following tips.

  • Tips 1: always use Samsung Galaxy Note 9 original charger
  • Tips 2: don’t use any other Android mobile charger.
  • Tips 3: don’t use your mobile while the charging.
  • Tips 4: charge your phone from the power source.
  • Tips 5: white wall background apps while charging.
  • Tips 6: make sure that power source is working.
  • Tips 7: check and ensure no damage to your charging equipment.

still, your problem not solved here we give you troubleshooting software related issue on your Samsung Galaxy note 9 follow it step by step.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is Charging Very Slow: Troubleshooting Tips fixed

Solution 1: soft reset

Here is the step how to soft reset done on Samsung Galaxy note 9.

Step 1: press and hold the power key.

Step 2: tap the power of option.

Step 3: again confirm and tap power off option.

Step 4: press and hold the power button until you will show mobile boots up.

Solution 2: update to the latest Android version available

Here is the step how to check and install new Android update.

Step 1: open the home screen tray.
Step 2: tap setting icon.
Step 3: under setting option tap software update.
Step 4: select option download updates manually.
Step 5: wait for a few seconds to check for updates.
Step 6: tap OK then start.
Step 7: you will show no message on your mobile screen, tape ok to restart your device some latest and new update.

With your mobile new Android system check charging test.

Solution 3: check battery uses and manage rogue apps.

To check and manage apps, follow our steps.

Step 1: open your mobile home screen.
Step 2: tap the setting icon.
Step 3: under setting icon tap device management.
Step 4: find battery section and check which apps use more power consumption.

Solution 4: master reset on your Android mobile.

Step 1: first take backup of your important data on your mobile.

Step 2: open the mobile screen.

Step 3: tap into setting icon.

Step 4: under the setting icon, go and tap management.

Step 5: tap Reset

step 6: after selecting the option factory data to reset.

Step 7: scroll down display then tap reset.

Step 8: now choose the option to delete all.

Step 9: if prompted, enter the for display lock and Samsung account verification.

Step 10: tap to confirm and go continue.

Step 11: wait some time to reset your Android device, after reboot your device.
Now, plug your mobile and charge. And check still charging slowly or not anymore. If this idea note help so goes with our next option.

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