Samsung Galaxy note 9 error YouTube has stopped unfortunately

samusng galaxy note 9

Samsung galaxy note 9

YouTube is a primary application for watch video TV shows movies and listen to the song online for free. That’s why Android is giving this cool app in all android version for many years. But this time, if you are facing issue with YouTube app that showing error YouTube, has stopped unfortunately, video is not playing and stuck, video can’t load in YouTube app, unable to search YouTube video in the search bar, some Pro future give me and unable to work like the dark mode background play and more. Let’s fix the YouTube problem on Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

For this case I would like to suggest below solutions to fix YouTube has stopped unfortunately error.

YouTube has stopped, unfortunately: Samsung Galaxy note 9 error

Method 1:  Reboot note 9 in safe mode.

Step 1: Turn off Note 9 first, and Press and hold the power key and Tempest model name in screen appears on the screen.

Step 2: when you see Samsung name on the screen release the power key.

Step 3: after releasing power key and immediately press and hold volume down key at the same time.

Step 4:  now, continuously holds down volume down key until the device trying to restarting.

Step 5:  when you see same safe mode at the bottom left corner of the screen release the volume down key if you can’t get safe mode and your Android mobile showing the error that means some applications are causing the issue behind that.

Now, what is the next step is that clear the cache and data partition that can fix the integrity and Temporary data all the time.

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Method 2: to clear YouTube data and cache

Step 1: Go to the home screen. Now swipe up the figure on an empty screen to open the application screen.

Next to the settings > tap on apps.

Step 2: Again here you see all the pre-install app on your Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Find top menu and Tab on it > inside the man of finding the show system apps.

Step 3: Scroll down app list and find YouTube application.

Here you see storage > clear cache. Tap on clear data and delete for all time.

That’s it.

Steel is used for cyst and your YouTube app not working properly try to reset all the settings and get the default value for all.

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Method 3: Reset all the settings on Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Step 1: find the app tray on the home screen by swipe up figure on the empty space new Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

Step 2: go to the settings app on Galaxy note 9> channel management> get the reset option > and reset settings.

If you have had been on your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 then you need to enter for the verification purpose.

Step 3: Once you’re done you can successfully reset settings and reboot your device at the same time to set the predefined value that comes with new Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

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Method 4: restore Samsung Galaxy Note 9 after backup the data

This process fixes all the biggest problem related to software issues. Maybe you are one of this so you need to master reset your Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

A solution is simple and recommended by Samsung that mostly works.

Step 1: backup your data offer Galaxy note 9 in internal memory or external storage.

if you are protected with anti-theft at Samsung then you need to verify the credential to get the master reset successfully.

Step 2: Turn off the device first of all.

Step 3: Press and hold volume up key and back button Bixby key. Now also press and hold the power key.

Step 4: When your Galaxy note 9 screens showing green Android logo, this time is to release the all the keys – free buttons.

And the next message on the screen is installing system update will start after 30 seconds.
And wait for the next screen is system recovery menu options.

Step 5: Now you need to press volume down button many times to get and highlight the wipe data and factory reset option on the screen.

Step 6: To confirm the option you need to press the power button and go for the next step on screen.

Step 7: Press volume down key to navigate the down for delete all user data. Once you are in it.

Step 8: Press the power button to get Ok start master reset at the same time. After the master reset process done your Galaxy note 9 reboots automatically.

Step 9: Press the power key after reboot system now is a highlight, to restart the device.

This all Abohar troubleshooting tips for YouTube showing error like unfortunately YouTube has stopped again and again.

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