Samsung Galaxy Note 9 keyboard not working, freezing and crashing, sometimes wrong typing

Samsung Galaxy Note9 Keyboard issues and Solutions

Fix all are the issues related to Samsung Galaxy keyboard running on any Android OS. For the new users, you will receive Android P as a primary installed version in your mobile. And the future time you will follow the same steps to fix any problems related to the keyboard. Some people are asking how to fix the problems and change the settings to default value. Because Samsung Galaxy keyboard not responding correctly and typing as we expect while we press or tap on the key. First of all we need to review all day settings done by you or other people on your Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Sometimes a small problem

You need to perform a big operation to correct the small problem related to the Android keyboard. But nothing is necessary that you will find on Google and suggested by the expert. Here you will find the step-by-step guide on how to fix your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 keyboard problems.

Let me correct your settings that set for your keyboard, review my past tutorials on how to use auto prediction on Samsung Galaxy Note 9 with the options like photo spacing Auto Punctuate, sound, and vibration, auto replace.

Don’t make big decisions like factory reset that erase all the data saved on your mobiles memory, it might be local storage or external SD card.

Troubleshooting guide for fix the issue on Samsung Galaxy Note 9 keyboard

Samsung Galaxy Note9 Keyboard issues and Solutions

Samsung Galaxy Note9 Keyboard issues and Solutions

Clear Keyboard Cache from Samsung Note9

Sometimes the below path might be changed depends on your Android mobile model or Android version, so let’s check out its work for you, if not then comment me in the below comment box.

Go to the settings app on your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 > language and input> on-screen keyboard > Samsung keyboard > reset to default settings > clear personalized data.

Or also check Below Path

Go to the settings app on your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 > general management > language and input > on-screen keyboard > Samsung keyboard > predictive text > clear personalized data.

Still, you didn’t fix the problem after clearing the personalized data for keyboard, try to hard reset or restart your device.

Steps for hard reset or restart Samsung Galaxy note9.

Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy Note 9 – Factory Reset Samsung

To be continued…

Force close the app you are using four type something on it

Most common error for this time is, “unfortunately, Android keyboard has stopped”, this is the problem related to internal software Glitch or RAM error after anything corrupted

  • To Force close keyboard app, go to the settings app on your Android mobile.
  • Next, tap on apps. Again Tap on more settings at Upper right corner of the screen.
  • Again tape on system apps.

Find the keyboard app means you are running on it. Once you find the app that you are using for sending something using the keyboard. Tap on Force close button for that app only.

Use third-party keyboards

We have too many options for using the third-party keyboard on Samsung Galaxy Note 9 in the play store. Third party keyboard has unique features and functionality that’s really helpful and photo bypass all problems that you are suffering from many days. My favorite and trending keyboards for Android

  • ai.type keyboard Plus + Emoji –
  • Fleksy- Emoji & gif keyboard app-
  • id=com.syntellia.fleksy.keyboard
  • Gboard – the Google Keyboard –
  • Grammarly Keyboard –
  • Multiling O Keyboard –
  • Minuum Keyboard Free –
  • Simple Keyboard –
  • Smart Keyboard Pro –
  • SwiftKey Keyboard –
    Typany Keyboard –

Steps for Soft reset or Factory Reset Galaxy Note9

How to Master Reset and Soft Reset Factory Reset on Samsung Galaxy Note 9

To be continued…

These troubleshooting guide and Solutions are enough to fix an issue with your Samsung Galaxy note9 keyboard. Hope you like it I help to fix it without waste your penny. Why you don’t share my help with others to send more credit to us.

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