Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Won’t Fast Charge, Adaptive Fast Charging Stopped Working

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is basic or latest improve Galaxy S9 and Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus. Fast charging capability. Samsung Galaxy note 9 charging capability is more than Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Samsung Galaxy notes 9 is never really different than previous Galaxy model. It is surface one problem that fast charging functionality.
In this troubleshooting first, we discuss to maintain long charge Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Android device.

We want to remind you before the process. If you have any Android mobile related issue so please connect us, we provide link bottom of the page. your mind many questions run like why is my Galaxy note 9 slow charging? how to turn on fast charging on Note 9. why my mobile Battery Drain in Short time?
Here we give you some solution for troubleshooting guide Samsung Galaxy Note 9 won’t fast charge, adaptive fast charging stopped working, fast charging not working on Galaxy Note 9, How To Fix Galaxy Note 8 Slow Charging Issues.

Solution 1: verify fast charging in is enabled.

Step 1: open your mobile menu and tap setting icon.

Step 2: press device maintenance.

Step 3: tap battery.

Step 4: in the mobile screen upper side 3 dots appear, tap it.

Step 5: tap advanced setting.

Step 6: if you want fast charging so please touch the slider.

Solution 2: charging work faster when phone and/ screen is off

we do charging test and finally showed whenever you use mobile set time charge is very slow so to use mobile when you put Samsung Galaxy note 9 in charging. if  Samsung Note 9 won’t charge, so change your original charger because sometimes readers send us that Samsung Galaxy Note 9 slow charge with original charge.

If you use mobile during the charging so it can take a long time. maybe you use your mobile while charging so battery Heating Problem creates and damage your body. It is down to significantly effect of adaptive fast charging.

Our recommendation to whenever you do your work at home takes the time you should want to charge your Android device. Most people bad habits using while charging it’s a really bad idea
. Sometimes you people use another mobile charger. But guys be careful never use another mobile charger always try to use the original mobile charger. And whenever you plug charging on your mobile. Never miss checking the battery logo appear. If the battery logo not appears that means your mobile charging not start.
Whenever you charge your mobile, give it 30 minutes. So, your mobile charge perfectly.

Step 3: use Samsung original charging and cable

If you want fast charging on your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 so please use Samsung USB cable and adaptor. And always use Samsung Galaxy Note 9 original charger.

reset your galaxy note 9 to safe mode and observe
Sometimes many problems caused r android devices by apps. Now Android mobile managed and give fast charging features. But on your mobile apps which one app disturb to your device. If you to check it so first safe mode on your Android mobile Samsung Galaxy note 9.
Here we give you step on how to safe mode on Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

Step 1: turn off Samsung Galaxy Note 9.
Step 2: press and hold the power button until you will show screen Samsung Galaxy logo.

Step 3: when the Samsung Galaxy logo appears time release power key.

Step 4: press and hold volume down button

Step 5: don’t release the volume down button continue to press it until the mobile restarting process complete.

Step 6: wait for few second you will show left corner side on the bottom of display safe mode logo. After releasing the volume down key.

Solution 5: uninstall the app

If you think why application stopped fast charging, so please immediately delete the unused application.
We suggest you, I think you people have the list of installed application. Check application and recently and not used application please delete it. Remove application after, put your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 for 30 minutes. After check fast charging or not.

Solution 6: install Android updates and troubleshoot Samsung galaxy s8 charging slowly

If you have any issue or not but always install an update. It’s good to array Android system Run the latest version. Your Galaxy note 9 fast charging problem maybe 6 to update new Android updates. So let’s first update the latest version. And fix slow charging issue.

Solution 7: wipe the phone through the factory reset and fix Issue fast charging not working

Factory reset is always falling your software related problem. so guys, follow our step one by one and factory reset on your device.

Step 1: first take backup to your important data messages photos and file.

Step 2: turn off your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 device.

Step 3: hold volume up button and Bixby key. after the press and hold the power button.

Step 4: when you show the Green Android mobile logo after release all keys.

Step 5: press volume down key and give it some time you will show highlight wipe data/ factory reset.

Step 6: press power button to select.

Step 7: press the volume down button until you will show YES- delete all user data.

Step 8: Press the power button and select it. And then start master reset.

Step 9: give some time for the master reset. When master reset completely you will show on your mobile screen reboot system now.

Step 10: now press power key and restart your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Android device.

Solution 8: use the wireless charger

Wireless charging is not fast and cable charging. But, your flower cable charging you don’t like so you should use the wireless charger. Wireless charging is not permanently fixed to your problem.
Be aware wireless charging give more heat than cable charging. so, it can do your battery life short. also, Galaxy wireless not working. If you want to keep your Samsung Galaxy note 9 couple of year so, we suggest you try to use cable charging because it’s good.

Solution 9: contact Samsung support

Perform above all solution after you can’t get the best result that means no any software issue. Slow charging can also be caused by

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